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    MI - Jeannie Singleton, 8, Kalamazoo, 23 May 1955

    The following information is taken from the site One Silent Voice: The Jeannie Singleton Story. The site includes more information on the case.

    On May 23, 1955, 8 year-old Jeannie Singleton disappeared on her way home from school in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

    The next nine days went down in Michigan’s history as the second largest manhunt. The searchers included Western Michigan University students, youth groups, workers from several companies that were voluntarily shut down to assist in the search and troops from multiple branches of the military.

    Despite the manpower being used to search for Jeannie, it would be five youths playing hide-and-seek in a pine grove that would make a horrific discovery they would never forget, a discovery that allowed Jeannie to be brought home one final time.

    The rape and murder of Jeannie Singleton remains unsolved.


    "Who killed Jeannie Singleton? After 60 years police still seek answer"

    In 1973, police also investigated another suspect, who had died in 1962. The man had a lengthy history of sexual violence and his wife had gone to police because she believed he was responsible for killing Jeannie.

    The woman told police her husband had driven with her to the pine grove near Doster on the day Jeannie's body was found and in subsequent years would drive by the Singleton's house on Blakeslee. She also said her husband sexually assaulted her in 1959 in the same spot in the pine grove where Jeannie's body was found.

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    awe, poor baby

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    Special Report: Justice for Jeannie
    All invested, are still wondering, and waiting for answers.

    "It's going to be very hard to get answers after this number of years, we may get lucky," Spring said.

    As to what happened in these woods more than 60 years ago: "We would like to know who did it; we would like to know," Ginger said.

    May 23rd is the 61st anniversary of Jeannie's disappearance.

    Michigan State Police continue to investigate her murder, and say a new tip came in just a week ago.

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    Monday marks a somber anniversary for a West Michigan family, still waiting for justice more than 60 years later.

    Little Jeannie Singleton was just 8 years old when she disappeared while walking home from school in Kalamazoo on May 23, 1955.


    Her death has remained a mystery and may never be solved.

    However, police, family, and many in the community are convinced they know who did it and got away with it.

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    Bumping for this baby.
    Media thread for Abby and Libby.


    WebSleuths Lingo thread.


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