It apparently runs in the family. Or more like a family that runs.
The mother of one of western Pennsylvania's most well-known fugitives, Ralph "Pretty Boy" Skundrich, who already cost a Pittsburgh bail bond company $250,000 this year when he fled the area, is on the lam, too.

Joanna Galioto, 66, of Pittsburgh's North Hills area, failed to appear for a pre-trial conference for insurance fraud and making a false report Aug. 19 before Allegheny County Judge Cheryl Lynn Allen. Allen issued a bench warrant for Galioto's arrest.

And, like her son, authorities don't know where Galioto is.

"That guy is a piece of work. He better not sleep because I'm going to find him for the money he cost us," Lee said.

Lee said he posted Skundrich's bond because Galioto put her home up as collateral.