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    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention growth charts, 90lbs is the average weight of a 12 year old boy or girl.

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    The great white north
    Could Fire island Jane doe be Amanda Jane Rudge?


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    quoted from another thread
    Quote Originally Posted by LR1 View Post
    I'm not quite following you here, did you intend to mention Davis Park thrice? Anywho welcome and thanks for sharing your thoughts. According to the only article I've seen that a poster was kind enough to post it says the legs were found on the bay side about a mile west of Davis Park. That article is in her thread. That's about 12 miles from the RMC bridge and about 3.5 strait across from the north shore of the bay. I'm thinking someone with knowledge of how the tides work there combined with the estimated time the remains had been dismembered (not that long) it looks like they could come up with a good guess as to where they were dumped from.

    Maybe these last few pages can get moved to hodgepodge or something. Some good discussion but slightly off topic. Not that I'm trying to police the thread or anything.

    This would be the approximate area the legs washed up according to that article.
    I've been reading the older threads and I believe the deep conversation some are thinking of about the physics/logistics of how FI Jane Doe's parts ended up where they did happens about here: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...17-2012/page20
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