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    Websleuths Post of the Day Thursday 6/25


    As far as yesterday's winner cast your gaze below and drink in the winning post for Wed. June 24th. Ok, I'll stop with the drama and the bright red font. Very annoying.

    This is what I LOVE to see. Websleuths members making a case SIZZLE and that is what is happening on the West Mesa Murders.

    The winner of the post of the day for Wed. June 24th comes from Danse_Macbre (aka Josh and Rachel of our upcoming docu-series)

    I love seeing all of the theories and information you're gathering to we can all work together to bring clues to the surface and make sure the case doesn't fall by the wayside. One of the best things about Websleuths for us is being able to interact with so many people with such varied experiences and having us work together for a very important common goal: justice for the victims.

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

    Hey, what are you waiting for? Jump in and HELP THEM FOR HECK SAKE (I'm from Utah, I can't swear, it's illegal here)

    Our amazing
    bessie will be making a new forum for the West Mesa Murders and that will make things much easier for our sleuths. Thank youbessie.

    This case is part of our docu-series and we welcome all
    sleuthers to join in.

    The case was first posted about in 2009 so it's best if you start at the beginning RIGHT HERE
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