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    ConcealedNation's 'stupidest gun owner' award for kinda concealing .38 revolver

    Woman Fails To Hide Gun After Shooting At Repo Man. June 28, 2015

    "... Gary, Indiana woman ... and an unidentified male followed the repo man who had repossessed her car. After reporting shots were fired at him, the repo man called the police.
    When Gary Police arrived, they discovered the woman and unidentified driver but did not immediately find the weapon...."

    Per Chicago Tribune:

    "After a search of the white Pontiac, police did not immediately locate a weapon, but Cook noticed the woman had her hand inside her pants and called Lt. Dawn Westerfield to the scene. Westerfield discovered the barrel of a loaded .38-caliber Colt revolver protruding from
    [wait for it...........]
    the woman’s vagina and removed the handgun, which had three spent rounds, the report states." bbm

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    "Not only does that sound like the most uncomfortable way to conceal any object – let alone a loaded firearm – it belays this person’s absolute ignorance of firearm safety.
    Thankfully, police were able to arrest the woman and secure her firearm so she couldn’t present a danger to herself or others – mostly herself."

    JM2cts, award was given to approp gun owner.
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    I also noticed from your links...seems like the repo man lost the car, as well?

    Later, he noticed the car he had been sent to recover was no longer attached to his truck, the report states.
    We 'embraced' the missing Bob Harrod case as requested but 6 years on, are still waiting for further guidance

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