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    Number of Posts per Page/PLEASE READ.

    Dear Websleuths Members and Visitors.

    If you have never set your "Posts Per Page" to a specific number you will find that setting now at 15 posts per page.

    There are two very good reasons to leave your Post Per Page count at 15:

    1- It will decrease the time needed to load your pages significantly

    2 - It will decrease the number of ads you see per page

    This move will place the post counts to the way originally designed by VBulletin, while still allowing our loyal members to customize their own viewing experience.

    If you are a member and you want to change your Post Per Page number rather than keep it on 15 you can click on the "settings" in the upper right hand corner of your page, scroll down and click on "general settings", scroll down and change the "Number of Posts to Show Per Page" or leave it at the forum default which is now 15.

    Members who have already customized their Post Per Page number should not be affected.

    Visitors you will now see your Posts Per Page at 15.

    Only members are allowed to change their Post Per Page count.

    Thank you,

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