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    MI - Jonathan Kaufman, 3, dies after finding loaded gun, Clinton, 28 June 2015

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    Just my opinion, of course.

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    This is so sad. How did a 3 year old access a loaded gun ?

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    You'd think that a three yr old would want to be outside with his father and uncle, rather than stay inside alone to play in a closet.

    And ... most closets have a rod for hangers and a shelf above that for storing stuff. Did someone leave a loaded gun on the closet floor?

    Will charges be laid?

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    this happened 10 minutes frm my home. Father and son were outside and he was in the house playing according to our paper =( He was entered into a cutest baby contest via FB not even a year, maybe 6 months ago.
    At my childs Martial Arts lesson tonight, her Professor gave a lesson on gun safety. Also told the class if you have happened to SNOOP around and come across your parents gun(s) to let them know. That parents TELLING their children to STAY AWAY from them is NOT enough. They need to be LOCKED away and/or OUT OF REACH. He stated if they ( the children ) can STILL find the guns, or KNOW where they are, to come to HIM and he will take care of it! He is a Sheriff as well. SO so sad & REALLY upsetting =(

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    How many toddlers have shot guns so far this year? Pretty many

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