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    TX - Houston, BlkFem UP4625, 16-26, under I-45 overpass, cornrows, Dec'80

    Black/African American female found in Houston, Texas on December 10, 1980.

    Weight:135 pounds
    Height: 5'2
    Hair color:Black that was in corn rows
    Eye color:Brown

    She had a scar on her left wrist.
    She was wearing a pink pantsuit with a vest, 4 bracelets, 1 dog tag pendant necklace with script, and one beaded necklace.

    Here is her NamUs link !WARNING! post mortem picture!


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    I wonder what the script on the dog tag is? A monogram, maybe?

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    Its a bit disheartening to read the circumstances on her NamUs page. All it says is "found under bridge at I-45." She doesn't even have a doe network page. It seems as though there was no effort put into trying to find out who she was. Thanks for posting and bringing her to our attention.

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    A recon of this UID has recently been released:

    After more than 36 years, her identity remains unknown. HPD sketch artist Lois Gibson created the composite sketch this year based on a photo taken by the medical examiner.

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