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    Hey Danse Macabre, I grew up and spent the majority of my life in Albuquerque. My knowledge of Montoya was always that he was shot inside of his trailer after killing Shericka Hill. I'll dig around and see what I can find. I've always remained hopeful that this case will be solved!

    Quote Originally Posted by Danse_Macabre View Post
    Hello everyone,

    I have a research question I'd like some help with. Anyone game?

    As we know, West Mesa suspect Lorenzo Montoya was shot and killed in December of 2006. Almost all of the stories I've read say that Montoya was found dragging prostitute Shericka Hill towards his car (some stories say he was stuffing her into the trunk) when he was discovered and shot in the leg by Fredrick Williams (her pimp) and died of his injuries.

    Here's an example:

    However, an article published the day after the incident states that Williams shot at Montoya outside of his trailer because Montoya also had a gun and Williams felt "threatened". Williams then went inside the trailer and found Hill dead.


    What I'm looking for is something that shows me where the story changes from what was reported in the article from 2006 to the version we're more familiar with. Was Hill inside or outside? Was Montoya dragging her toward his vehicle when Williams approached him, or was he outside his trailer without the body when Williams arrived on the scene?

    If anyone can point me to something that helps clarify this, it would be greatly appreciated.


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