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    Canada - Jets make emergency landing due to bomb threats 4 times this week


    "For the fourth time in less than a week, a Canadian passenger jet has had to make an emergency landing because of a threat made against it.

    On Tuesday night, WestJet took once again to Twitter to say one of its planes had received a bomb threat."

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    "In the last three cases, searches of the aircraft unearthed nothing suspicious. So far, police have not made any arrests in any of the cases.

    In Saskatoon on Tuesday, passengers were taken on buses to the air terminal at John Diefenbaker airport to be questioned by police — a procedure that has become standard with each new incident.

    The aircraft itself was being kept away from the terminal as a precautionary measure.

    Saskatoon police said they were notified about an “alleged explosive device” on the aircraft.

    Manitoba RCMP are also continuing their investigation.

    On Tuesday morning, Sgt. Bert Paquet wouldn’t specify the nature of the threat against Flight WS422 but said it “came from outside the plane or the flight itself and we are looking to establish the origin of the call and the person responsible for it.”

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    Just noticed that there were also multiple threats against American planes, this week as well.


    " Multiple bomb threats against U.S. aircraft were made on Tuesday, according to NBC News. Government sources said the threats were not credible.

    The threats, five in total, were similar to chemical weapon threats against aircraft last week. It was determined that the claims were fake, and there was speculation that the threats could have been made by an ISIS "lone wolf," NBC News reported.

    A U.S. Airways flight and its passengers were searched after the plane landed Tuesday morning at Philadelphia International Airport.

    The airport confirmed there was an ongoing police investigation after Flight 648 from San Diego landed as scheduled, with 93 people aboard."

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    they'll find who it was

    they found the swatters & I believe that was one Canadian & one American ... coincidental?

    are they in prison or out on bail?

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    make that 5... flight from las vegas to victoria earlier today (thursday).


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    "The airline has previously said it will not speculate why the airline has received the false threats. Spokeswoman Brie Ogle said earlier Thursday that while the airline can understand the threats are generating a great deal of interest, it will not comment on rumours.

    On Twitter, WestJet said, "This week's false threats are all criminal investigations, and we will support investigators as they seek out those responsible."

    John Thomson, a vice-president with the Strategic Capital Intelligence Group, said earlier on Thursday the case "doesn't strike me as being terrorism and it doesn't strike me as being extortion it's too particular, too focused on WestJet."

    "I think it's somebody with their own personal animus against the company."

    Thomson said that, if convicted, the individual or individuals behind the threats could face prison as well as civil suits by WestJet or passengers"

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