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    NM - Ex-CNN anchor Lynne Russell in shootout at Route 66 Motel 6

    At Daily News:

    Ex-CNN anchor attacked by gunman in her Motel 6 room but survives after her naked ex-
    special forces husband jumps out of shower and shoots robber dead (after taking 3 bullets)

    ⁍ Lynne Russell, 68, was attacked by gunman in Albuquerque NM
    ⁍ Stopped at Motel 6 room about two miles from historic Route 66
    ⁍ She and husband Chuck de Caro stopped for the night on road trip
    ⁍ Russell was cornered in room when de Caro burst out of shower naked
    ⁍ Former newsreader slipped her husband a gun during tense exchange
    ⁍ Said de Caro managed to kill gunman, but was shot three times himself

    story & pics at link

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    Russell described the man's gun as "a 40-caliber big shiny silver handgun." The man pushed her into the motel room just as her husband was coming out of the shower, she said.

    "In the process, I recognized what I had seen before — I was a deputy sheriff for many years — that this guy was used to this," Russell said. "I suddenly realized that it wouldn't bother him at all to pull the trigger."

    Russell and de Caro — both described as expert shots — were legally carrying concealed handguns, she said. She said she offered to search her purse for something of value to hand over to the gunman — and slipped her gun into the purse, which she then handed to her husband.
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    Might be RT 66 but here in town it is also Central Blvd. and most of it is pretty dicey, especially where the inexpensive motels are located.
    Just my opinion, of course.

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    Only better tabloidish-thread-titled, NM-related numerical possibility was if the Motel 6 in question would have been on or near Gallup's at-one-time-named Hwy. 666.

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