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    Question Claremont Serial Killer, 1996 - 1997, Perth, Western Australia - #2

    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to created a thread dedicated to the Claremont Serial Killer who killed (at least) three women in Perth, Western Australia over a period of 18 months from 1996 - 1997. I was motivated to do so after watching a recording of "Crime Investigation Australia" (from 2008) that is available on YouTube for all to watch.

    An an Australian myself (albeit on the opposite side of the country) I have heard about the "at large" Claremont Serial Killer a number of times over the years. However, I never really "appreciated" how disturbing these murders were, or how close the police may have come to catching him, until I saw that episode of Crime Investigation Australia.

    Now, anyone who wants the full (or close to full) background can simply visit the Wikipedia entry (link below), or watch the Crime Investigation Australia episode (again, link below).

    However, this is the story in short...

    Sequence of events.

    - Friday 26 January (early Friday morning, Australia Day Public Holiday) 1996: Sarah Spiers, 18, disappears from the centre of Claremont (a posh suburb a few kilometres South-West of Perth, Western Australia). Last seen phoning for a taxi after leaving a nightclub very close to the Claremont Hotel (as it is now called). By the time the taxi arrive she was gone. Her body has not been found. She is obviously presumed to have been murdered.

    - Sunday (early Sunday morning) 9 June 1996: Jane Rimmer, 23, is murdered. Last seen standing outside the Claremont Hotel (as it is now called). She had declined to share a taxi home with her friends a few minutes earlier. Her body was found in bushland near Woolcoot Road, Wellard, (South of Perth) in August 1996.

    -Friday 14 March 1997: Ciara Glennon, a 27-year-old lawyer, is murdered. She leaves the Claremont Hotel earlier than her friends (at around 11PM) to catch a taxi home. Her body is found in bushland (North of Perth) three weeks later.

    - Police have never revealed how the two women whose bodies were found were killed " for fear of jeopardizing their enquiries".

    - Throughout 1997: thousands of Perth taxi drivers are DNA tested, and there is a huge amount of public awareness of this case due to news coverage. Women in the Perth area become especially careful travelling home at night. Depending on who you listen to, the police being watching several key suspects very VERY closely. This surveillance may or may not still be in operation today.

    - 1997 - present: no more murders occur that are attributed to the Claremont Serial Killer.

    - 2008: on the Australian TV show "Crime Investigation Australia", during an episode about the Claremont Serial Killer, police release 1996 CCTV footage taken from the Claremont Hotel. It shows the second victim, Jane Rimmer, standing outside the hotel shortly before she disappeared. A "mystery man" is seen to approach her, and she looks at him and smiles noticeably (as if she recognises him). The footage then cuts out as the security camera then switched to a different part of the Hotel. It switches back to outside (where Jane is still standing) a short time later. Jane is now seen standing and looking in the direction where the mystery man was walking. The camera switches away, and then back to the outside of the hotel once more. This time, however, Jane is gone.

    - There is no proof at all that they "mystery man" is involved in her disappearance. However, to this day he remains the ONLY person outside the Hotel that night captured on CCTV that the police have been unable to identify. He is also the only person that Jane is seen to interact with (and is likely the last person she would have spoken to).

    - The reason the police waited until 2008 to release the CCTV footage featuring the "mystery man" is because the original footage (1990s CCTV footage, shot at night) was of bad quality. NASA were asked to enhance it, but were unable to do so. A production company was able to do some kind of digital enhancement on it, but this apparently was not a great improvement.

    Key suspects (source: Crime Investigation Australia, 2008).

    Presumably, both these men are still under some level of surveillance to this day...

    - Suspect #1: a known "sexual pervert". Kept gun underneath passenger seat of his car. Used to drive 'round Claremont on certain nights of the week. Was familiar with the areas of bush where Ciara Glennon's (third victim) body was found. Could not provide any alibis for the nights the women were murdered.

    - Suspect #2: a well-educated Martial Artish from a wealthy English family (who was 34 years old in 1996/1997). Worked closely with Sarah Spiers (first victim) and hat met Jane Rimmer at least once. However, he told "blatant lies" about his familiarity with these women during his police interviews. Could not provide any alibis for the nights the women were murdered. Polygraph test results were "inconclusive".

    - "Wildcard" suspect: UK murderer (and possible serial killer) Mark Dixie. Killed a woman in the UK (Sally Anne Bowman), in 2005, in similar circumstances to the Claremont murders. He lived in Claremont at the time of the murders, in fact they started shortly after he arrived and was hired as a chef. Moved out of the area (was fired) in 1997 and the murders ceased. He has been DNA tested by Western Australian Police, but the test results were presumably negative (or at least inconclusive).

    Sources of information.

    Crime Investigation Australia: The Claremont Murders (Part 1 of 4):

    Crime Investigation Australia: The Claremont Murders (Part 2 of 4):

    Crime Investigation Australia: The Claremont Murders (Part 3 of 4):

    Crime Investigation Australia: The Claremont Murders (Part 4 of 4):

    CCTV footage, featured on Criminal Investigation Australia, of "mystery man" suspect approaching Jane Rimmer (victim number 2):

    Claremont serial murders - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Thread #1
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    Three or more blitz attacks on the streets of Claremont, and not one single person saw or heard anything? Also, all of the blitz attacks were successful and not one thing went wrong? This just defies belief that detectives think they were all blitz attacked. A blitz attack is not the CSK's style, he is too organised and meticulous in his planning to roll the dice on a blitz attack. Also, this does not explain he reason why the murders have stopped, why haven't more girls been abducted and murdered?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenDevil View Post
    Three or more blitz attacks on the streets of Claremont, and not one single person saw or heard anything? Also, all of the blitz attacks were successful and not one thing went wrong? This just defies belief that detectives think they were all blitz attacked. A blitz attack is not the CSK's style, he is too organised and meticulous in his planning to roll the dice on a blitz attack. Also, this does not explain he reason why the murders have stopped, why haven't more girls been abducted and murdered?
    I don't for a second believe police think these abductions were blitz attacks. For this to happen our guy would have to be a commando with chuck norris like skills. A 3 or 4 minute gap to grab SS with no one hearing a scream. It would mean JR had to have walked away from the Conti to somewhere more secluded without a single person saying "I saw a blonde girl matching her description walking along Gugeri St etc". And for CG, a blitz attack on Stirling Hwy at midnight with a reasonable amount of people around.

    So I wonder what WAPOL's agenda was in releasing this theory?

    If we think back to the attempted abduction behind CBV and the Karakatta abduction, where did this guy go? He seemed to stop as well. Did he progress on to being the CSK? If not, where did he go? Could have Dixie been this bloke?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenDevil View Post
    Also, this does not explain he reason why the murders have stopped, why haven't more girls been abducted and murdered?
    a) The CSK was in the Macro spotlight so stopped
    b) Something in his life changed (got married, live in GF etc)
    c) The CSK went overseas
    d) The CSK died
    e) The CSK moved interstate
    f) He didn't stop but changed his MO and patch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bartholemeus View Post
    a) The CSK was in the Macro spotlight so stopped
    b) Something in his life changed (got married, live in GF etc)
    c) The CSK went overseas
    d) The CSK died
    e) The CSK moved interstate
    f) He didn't stop but changed his MO and patch
    Ivan Milat's violence stopped and started, depending on his relationship status.
    He never stopped being a serial killer, he just had stretches when he didn't need to torture and kill people. CSK may have had a relationship breakdown prior to SS disappearing- maybe he patched things up with the partner not long after CG disappeared, for example.

    Shadowboxer- do you remember if the footage you saw which showed JR getting into a vehicle depicted a taxi, or was it too blury to tell (apologies if you have answered this- I tried to read back but this is the most confusing thread).

    I dont get any feeling that these victims were picked prior to the night that they went missing, but I can see a scenario where CSK is cruising around, looking for someone he knows. I can imagine him pulling up to the curb, winding down the window and saying "Hey Sarah, I haven't seen you for so long! I just dropped my brother/mother/whoever home, would you like a lift?"

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    I will speculate that there must of been something luring them into a false sense of security , a projection of none threat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itsasmallworldafter View Post
    I will speculate that there must of been something luring them into a false sense of security , a projection of none threat
    Such as a person they knew, a police officer, a security officer. From what I understand of CG's reaction to the witness who called out to her, she brushed him off without a sideways glance. Something in that car made her not only stop, but lean in to talk to the occupant/s. I have wondered though (just to contradict myself) if the voice of a woman may have been enough to make her stop.

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    Thanks for the new thread, Bessie

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExcaliburX
    Agree with you on all those Bart - some challenging questions there.

    Why does the taxi guy continue to taunt online way after his antagonists' death?

    The suspicious fire at Myaree one week prior to his police interview in December 2014 is powerball like odds.

    What has become of all the files Droc claimed to hold and his personal effects?

    Have the movements, residences and vehicles of the persons he claimed to have been involved in the BF thread been investigated?

    Have Drocs friends and associates been interviewed, particularly those who apparently supported his allegations?

    Does the Palmerston farm at Wellard connection hold true? Likewise the Dalkeith situation? And any Beaconsfield connection, besides the fact they took him in and protected him.

    And alibis and DNA?
    I'm at:

    1. LW
    2. JM


    3. PW/SR Combo
    4. Telecom Man
    5. Droc/TT crew.

    I think it's about time we had a real good look into Droc and TT and started posting some timelines.

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    That's a solid list and order of POI's. I'm currently overseas mate, I'll be back in touch after I finish this tour. I have material on my PC at home to refer to and assist our discussions. The Internet in Afghanistan is atrocious I'll try and contribute to this thread where I can.

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    Your first post is epic green devil, I recon your pretty on the money

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    Droc Time line

    This is Droc's version of events:

    1997 March 14 - CG, the last of the victims goes missing

    1997 March 23 - Droc calls crime stoppers

    And told them he had information that a swan taxi was at the location at approx midnight and had failed to declare his presence to the task force. He also informed them all the girls resembled the driver’s sister, and his behavior both before the crime, and after, was disturbing.

    1997 April 3 - Droc calls crime stoppers again

    And told them he knew a taxi driver who was at Club Bay View the night Ciara Glennon went missing, and that he had displayed a fear of being DNA tested Droc also said that in a moment of anxiety TT revealed he was in Claremont that night and left with a fare at 12pm. Droc further informed them he had a dark side to his nature.

    1997 May - Droc calls crime stoppers again after CG's body is discovered

    He tells them that a taxi driver by the name of TT had been routinely interviewed at Fremantle licensing and had lied about his movements that night. He again also informed the officer that all the girls looked like his sister and previous girlfriend.

    1997 - date unknown - Droc calls crime stoppers again

    He tells them that TT had previously lied to the task force about his movements on that night, and that the information he had placed him back on Stirling highway at Claremont at approx. 12.20 am and heading towards Mosman Park in a vacant cab. <I assume this is to go back and smoke a joint>

    1997 November 23 - This is when Droc claims he first presented his suspicions in writing to Macro. This is referenced in Droc's 1999 November 15 letter to Commissioner M*******.

    1998 January 14 - This is when Droc alleges that TT first let slip he was in Claremont that night.

    1998 January 22 - Droc meets a Detective M***** and another office at Claremont CIB. The meeting lasts about an hour. The detectives spend an hour trying to convince Droc that TT's alibi is water tight.

    1998 December 1 - Droc has heard nothing and police say they have no record of this letter so he sends them another copy. Caporn acknowledges he got the copy sent on Dec 1 1998 in a letter to Droc dated 11 Jan 2000

    1998 December 18 - Acting Inspector H****** responds in writing to Droc. This letter has nothing else in it but a confirmation that they have received Droc's letter.

    1999 January 21 - Karen Anne Hare makes a stat dec and it says:

    Approximately 4 or 5 months after the murder of CG, TT arrived at 435 Marmion St Myaree and informed Droc and herself that he had been interviewed by Macro and told Macro he had a fare to Subiaco and then somewhere else. Ms Hare stated that this was different to the story TT had earlier provided where he claimed he went home to Fremantle for a joint.

    Karen's address was c/o Russell St Fremantle. This is the same address that Caporn sent Droc a reply letter to in Jan 2000. But in Jan 1999 Droc's adress is 435 Marmion St as per the below stat dec:

    Karen was Droc's girlfriend at the time. BF post 1510.

    The Russell St address is that of Droc associate and supporter Professor Newman. ** Just watched this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o632...ature=youtu.be and it says Droc lived in Russell St.

    1999 Jan 21 - Droc makes a similar stat dec

    It lists his address as 435 Marmion St Myaree

    1999 April 8 - Met with Officer L**** to discuss why his claims hadn't been investigated.

    Droc claimed that in this meeting;
    1. He was told TT did not in fact have a fool proof alibi the night CG went missing.
    2. He was told that records indicate that TT was not working for the cab company when SS went missing

    Droc agreed with Officer L**** for police to hold off on the inquiry into why Droc's information seemingly hadn't been followed up on the promise he would get a meeting with Macro.

    1999 May 10 (approximate date) - Droc meets with D*** S**** from Macro.

    Droc claimed that in this meeting
    1. He explained why he was suspicious of TT
    2. He responded to Macro's questions as to why he didn't come forward with the information earlier <I believe he claimed that he had provided the info just that Macro lost it>
    3. Droc insisted this interview be taped. They taped it. Commissioner M******* reviewed it at a later date
    4. This was the interview where Droc told them he knew their throats had been cut.
    5. He also mentioned Michelle/Michele in this interview
    6. He also went all out and mentioned the whole snuff thing.
    7. And he said he believed the body was buried in a housing development by a builder called R** G******** on Hampton Rd South Fremantle. TT and a few other Droc believed to be involved lived in the old house at the front of the development. <this is different to the warehouse scenario in WGV he was pushing on BF)

    1999 June 15 - Droc writes a letter to Commissioner F*******
    Droc's address - It just says Fremantle in the letter but it's pretty safe to assume he was living at 31 Russell St Fremantle during this because that where Caporn addressed a response to in Jan 2000.

    In the letter Droc says;
    1. The reason why Droc knew TT to be in Claremont at 12:20pm on the night CG disappeared was because TT admitted it.
    2. Droc claims that he knows Macro didn't follow up his claims because the witnesses he nominated to corroborate some of his claims were never contacts by Macro. Droc has a point here. LW had been a suspect since at least August 1998 so this was the period where Macro were allegedly one-eyed.
    3. Droc claims he knew TT was working night shift on the night SS went missing.
    4. Droc states he strongly believes SS is buried in a property in South Fremantle
    5. Droc says he has been sending letters to Macro for 2 years which suggests he did talk to them soon after CG disappeared. He also mentions Macro lost his evidence and that probably explains the disconnect between Macro and LW and the gap inbetween when police thing he presented the information. There are articles about that confirm WAPOL's evidence gathering system was seriously flawed at the time resulting in lost evidence.

    1999 November 15 - Droc write to Commissioner M*******.
    Droc claims in this letter;
    1. He sent statements re TT to Macro on 23 Nov 1997 (registered post and signed by an officer) and again on 1 Dec 1998
    2. That Mr. T******* M***** of the West Australian Newspapers had been informed by Macro that TT was no longer a suspect based on Macro's policy of "alibi for 1 night = alibi for all 3 murders" and TT's alibi for the murders was based solely on his alibi for CG.

    2000 January 11 - Caporn writes letter to Droc

    Droc's address - 31 Russell St Fremantle

    Caporn says;
    1. Got you 15 Nov 1999 letter that you sent to Commissioner M*******
    2. As for the letter you sent on 23 November 1997 - don't know what happened to it but you did send us a copy in Dec 1998 and we confirm we got that on
    3. Acting Inspector H****** responded to your 1 Dec 1998 letter on 18 Dec 1998
    4. Your information has been thoroughly investigated
    5. WAPOL has an excellent file management system

    2000 April 28 - Commissioner M******* writes letter to Droc supporter Christabel and Professor Newman
    It appears Droc's confidants met with Commissioner M******* to request Droc's claims be investigated. It is apparent that they believed Droc's claims enough to get a meeting with the WA Police Commissioner.

    This letter is a follow up to the meeting and Commissioner M******* says;

    1. Macro adequately investigated it
    2. I looked at it and watched the taped footage of Droc's interview from May 1999
    3. It was also followed up and reviewed by Macro in May 1999
    4. Caporn has personally reviewed the file
    5. A lot of Droc's information is wrong
    6. Despite Droc claiming there's a discrepancy in how many times TT was interviewed, the actual number is 2. TT has been interviewed twice.
    7. Taxi logs support TT's interview responses

    2000 May - Christabel writes a response to Commissioner M*******.

    In the letter Christabel says;
    1. Newman and I are still concerned Macro aren't giving Droc's claims the importance which they warrant
    2. Our major concern is that these murders are part of an international snuff movie business
    3. It's hard to see how this whole thing can be dismissed on the account of one person (Caporn)
    4. TT and others Droc named lived in Hampton Rd at the time of SS disappearance

    2000 August 29 - CommissionerM******* writes to Droc

    He says: We've fully investigated your claims and they have no foundation

    2000 August 30 - Droc writes to Commissioner M******* again

    Droc's address: still "Fremantle"

    Droc says;
    1. I know you watched my taped interview. Can you give me a copy?
    2. Can you give me access to all the security cameras around Claremont because I'm sure I will see Michelle in them. <at this point, I wouldn't see any harm in Macro getting a picture of Michelle and seeing if she shows up in their surveillance>

    2000 October

    A journo from The Sunday Times and Mick Buckley (ex cop and PI mentioned a fair bit in DM's book) interview TT. Droc alleges this interview confirms TT was in Claremont at the approximate time CG disappeared (BF post 1565).<It seems that Droc went to the media and they decided to check TT out>

    2011 February 26 - Droc sends TT a letter

    The contents;
    1. He mentions Michelle, B***s and Peter, B***mans, Abbey, Colin
    2. Accuses TT of being the CSK
    3. Mentions Michele confided in him that she'd done worse things than the CSK.
    4. He mention Michele went to Tasmania after SS

    2014 December 11 - Article about the house Droc presumably lived in while the murders happened, burns down


    2015 January 4 - Sunday Times article mentioning Droc

    He was interview by police about a week after the fire and refused to give DNA. The article says he was not a suspect.


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    There's a few flaws but generally he has been quite consistent all the way through.

    The main discrepancy I noticed is this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Droc
    (January 14 2008. when Gajewski first let slip he was there that night he also said he left with a fair to Subiaco about midnight. The next time he recited the story he shortened the time to ten to twelve. The third variation reduced it to (about) twenty to twelve. Why?)
    Droc's notes say he first learnt TT was in Claremont that night was Jan 2008. I assume there's a typo and it should be Jan 1998. But that doesn't make sense either because police confirm they got his file in November 2007. I doubt Droc made the accusation if he didn't know TT was in Claremont that night.

    My guess is Droc has made an honest mistake with dates.
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    Claims Droc made on BF

    Droc's claims on BF
    1. Michelle was used to lure the girls into the taxi (why would you need a girl if you have a taxi?)
    2. The girls were taken to a factory unit in White Gum Valley (WGV).
    3. He says it's on police file that TT was interviewed in 2011. Post 1375. That's interesting. Sounds like he still might be a suspect.
    4. Droc had know TT for years before the Claremont Killings and knew many of TT's close friends. Post 1407.
    5. TT's taxi was a Ford Flacon station wagon that was replaced not long after the murders
    6. Droc claims Michelle told him she was involved in the murders. Post 1413.
    7. Droc claims Michelle tried to groom him to get involved (but without going into detail).
    8. Michelle was a patient at the drug rehab centre that was in the same street that JR's body was found
    9. Droc didn't know for some time that Michelle was a street worker and claims although she was very special to him, they never had an intimate relationship. Post 1421. <I read this as Droc being in love with her but the feelings not reciprocated>
    10. Droc says that police claim TT wasn't driving taxis when SS disappeared but Droc claims that TT was living in Hampden Rd South Freo in a house with a unit dev at the back and asked Droc if he could rent his shed because the noise from the dev was interrupting his day time sleep (because he was driving taxis at night). Post 1439.
    11. At TT's place in Hampden Rd, TT complained about noise from the development at the rear. But he stayed there throughout the noise and didn't leave until after the slab and walls went up. Droc claims this all happened around the SS disappearance. Droc's theory is that he rented the place knowing there was a development happening and stayed until after he had used it for what he intended (burying SS body under the slab). Post 1439.
    12. At Hampden Rd there was also a wine cellar under the front house. This has since been filled in. Droc thinks this is another potential location of SS. Post 1439.
    13. Droc claims he saw inappropriate comments about himself on the police computer system. Post 1456. <If I had to guess these comments would have something to do with calling him a time wasting nutjob>
    14. Droc claims TT has never said a word to him about the public allegations. No "take that blog down or I'll sue you for all the money you don't have" or "stop accusing me, I have nothing to do with it".
    15. Droc claims Robin Napper (well respected forensic scientist who is at loggerheads with WAPOL) sent Droc's file to WAPOL when they were doing the Schramm review. Post 1482.
    16. The factory unit at Wood St WGV, the alleged location of where snuff films were made (Post1611);
    a. Droc says Michelle drunkenly whispered to here one night that there was a secret room
    b. Droc visits the factory years later and gets access through the owner. He now sees a side door that was previously hidden by racks of timber. There was also an internal door that had been hidden by rolls of material. This room leads to another room which Droc believes is "the hidden room". The owner explains to Droc that this room was previously used as a dark room. There were still remnants of black plastic blocking out light and the owner said he rented it out to a guy who was an upholsterer as well as a photographer.
    c. Droc approached the upholsterer and claims he denied there was a room and upon Droc's mentioning of having seen the room he says he rented it to a photographer and confirmed he knew TT and his crew but hadn't seen them for a long time.
    d. Droc also asked him if this is where the Claremont girls were murdered.
    e. Droc also asked him why only that part of the building had been washed down when he vacated.
    f. Droc once drove past and sat TT and Michelle exiting the premises. <Obviously this is where Droc has theorised snuff movies were made>
    g. Droc claims TT was fighting with Michelle prior to each murder and changed houses soon after each murder. <Was Michelle TT's girlfriend?>
    h. Droc claims he called the builder of the units behind TT's old residence in Hamden Rd (where TT resided when SS went missing) and made up a story about being the former owner and needing access to get to the outside cellar. The builder informed him that the owner's son had already come around and asked for access to the cellar to retrieve valuables hidden from his Dad because he was a gambler. <Doesn't make sense: Owner (Droc in disguise) calls builder and builder says "Don't worry, your son picked them up because he his them from you because you were a gambler. Have to say I'm sceptical about this whole episode>

    The builder told this man (who apparently wasn't TT) that he could access it when they weren't working. The builder told Droc that he came back to work after the Australia Day weekend (when SS disappeared) to notice the dirt floor had been disturbed and he just assumed "the son" had collected his buried valuables. Droc speculates this is when and where SS was buried. As TT lived at the front house at the time and had access to the cellar, Droc speculates this was done to pre-empt a reason for the dirt floor being disturbed.

    17. Droc says he has flight records of Michelle flying into Perth from Brisbane two weeks before JR murder. Post 1683.
    18. Droc claims he has knowledge that TT was familiar with the Eglington area. Post 1687.
    19. Droc claims the factory unit and the two houses he moved into after the last two murders have all been demolished. The inference is that TT likes to live in houses soon to be demolished so any incriminating evidence is destroyed forever.
    20. About Michelle: Yes, she lives in Perth, but no, does not see TT. Interesting thing about that, is after the murder of Ciara Glennon three of them congregated at my place, two males outside in the shed, and a third dropping in occasionally, and Michelle inside. There was seemingly much friction, and Michelle was expressing hostility towards him, a hatred,in fact. Soon after she departed for Tasmania, and I do not think they have spoken since. Post 1794.
    21. Apparently Droc has been interviewed twice by Macro regarding the CSK case. Post 1846. The most recent interview was 18 December 2014 where Droc refused to provide DNA. Droc's reasoning is he doesn't trust the police because they have shafted him before (apparently it went to court and Droc won the case). Post 1959.
    22. Droc claims he lived in the same house with his girlfriend throughout all three murders. TT was restoring his beddy in Droc's back shed. Droc worked security from 7pm until 7am.
    23. Post 1913: The person who flew and out of the country after each murder, was from England. A strange character who drove around in an old Ford Cortina station wagon, and an old truck. But the most interesting thing was he almost always jogged everywhere he went. You would come across him up side streets, across parks - though never at all in the city areas, and he was a person that loved to scout old dumping areas for junk to turn into art. One of his favorite places was the pine forests north, and likewise similar areas to the south. He was about 35 at the time of the murders

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    About Michelle - paraphrased from Droc's posts on BF

    - Travelled in TT's taxi regularly
    - Northbridge street worker
    - Heroin addict
    - Charged in WA for trafficking heroin (flying it in I assume) for a convicted murderer
    - After CSK murders she moved to NSW and was arrested with a male over a shooting incident and got 5 years in prison. Post 1469.
    - At one stage attended Palmerston Farm drug rehab which was in same road as JR dump site
    - She was approximately 35 at the time of the murders
    - I get the impression she was TT's girlfriend.

    Droc's Address

    Hard to pin down but it seems during the murders Droc lived at 435 Marmion St Myaree with his girlfriend Karen. It's unclear if he lived at one point at 31 Russell St Fremantle, or if this was Professor Newman's address?

    There's also reference to addresses in Henderson and Hamilton Hill.

    The Fire

    The fire happened at some time shortly before 11 December 2014 when this article was published:


    This is one of Droc's former places of residence and where I think he was living during the Claremont Killings.

    Droc was interviewed by Macro on the 18th December 2014 and asked to provide DNA.

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