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    WI - Jackson Co., WhtMale Skeletal UP12415, in woods, 28-52, August'78


    On August 15, 1978 a skull, lower mandible and vertebra were recovered from the Knapp township area of Jackson County. Based on the evidence located at the scene it is believed that this is a homicide.

    Exclusion List:
    Phillip Malchow

    1978 Jackson County, WI Unidentified Person


    "What were looking for is with the photo and the possible appearance of this individual does anybody know him, know somebody that looks like that, recognize him? Back in 1978, if they were in the Jackson County area or surrounding communities and, of course, if there's a missing person out there that's not been reported properly and/or they just don't have enough data put together, some how linking where this skull we found links back with a jurisdiction so we can help them solve an unknown case."

    Public Help Sought In Cold Case

    Jackson Co. deputies trying to identify remains found in 1978
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    A new article on this case....


    Cold case looks to gain heat with more scientific testing

    Authorities are in are in the midst of working with a Florida university to help garner more information about a homicide victim whose body was discovered in Jackson County in 1978 and hasn’t been identified since.

    The University of South Florida’s Institute of Forensic Anthropology and Applied Sciences agreed to take the Jackson County case that started when loggers discovered a body in the town of Knapp nearly 38 years ago. It’s been a year since Jackson County authorities released a sketch of what the man may have looked like when he was killed.

    USF has the ability to help determine a deceased person’s birthplace and geographic mobility, hopefully giving law enforcement a better picture of where the man was from before his body was left in the remote area of Jackson County.


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    Allan T. Kaplan, missing December 1977 from Boca Raton?


    Granted it's kind of far from Florida to Wisconsin, it does appear that he walked out on his own.
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