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    Canada - Guy Mitchell, 38, dies at squalid group home, Ancaster, Ont, 29 April 2012

    Police officers who responded to the well call in Ancaster stumbled upon a group home so squalid that two veteran police told a courtroom it was the worst house they had ever seen.

    There was no heat or running water. Toilets and bathtubs were full of human waste. Feces was smeared on walls, floors and furniture. The fridge was a filthy mess containing nothing more than old condiments. Beds were stripped bare and smeared with vomit.

    The smell was horrendous.

    Yet this is where Guy Mitchell, 38, lived.

    With him, in that house, was another man with profound special needs, David, and an 11-year-old girl with autism, Jennifer.

    It is believed Guy — who had difficulty seeing and hearing and was "clumsy" — was fetching water from a deep cistern when he fell in and drowned.

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    Sad and appalling
    ~ let the storm wash over you, because somewhere beneath, there is your balance and wisdom ~


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    "Can you imagine what it was like to be Guy Mitchell, who has the level of understanding of a five-year-old, and be in the water alone and dying?" Stanborough asked as Jeff Manishen, lawyer for Choices, stood before him.

    During the lunch break it came to light that there are at least two Choices case file binders about Guy that have not been handed over to the inquest. And "communication books" that were to be passed between the Choices day program Guy attended, and the Santor family with whom he lived, are also missing.

    Furthermore, a notebook about the Santors kept by a Choices manager suddenly appeared at the lunch break — but 13 pages related to the time of Guy's death have been ripped out.

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    Something good has come out of Guy Mitchell’s death


    All recommendations from a coroner's inquest into the death of a vulnerable man in an Ancaster cistern are being implemented by the Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS).

    However, some of the most profound changes to law and government policy that were brainstormed by the jury at the Guy Mitchell inquest a year ago may never come to fruition.

    That's because one of the recommendations was merely for a working group to be established to "consider" sweeping changes, such as the creation of vulnerable adult protection legislation in Ontario, the establishment of a provincial advocate for vulnerable adults, and revisions to the Substitue Decisions Act to expand the role of the Official Guardian to assist in decisions for people with a developmental disability.

    The group was formed. The suggestions were considered. And in the end, "due to the complexity of the issues, the working group advised against any immediate actions," states a report from the MCSS delivered to the Office of the Chief Coroner on July 22.

    While that is a disappointment to Guy's mother, Diane Paton, it is not a surprise. She knew those were huge changes to affect.

    "I hope people will keep at the recommendations," she says. "I just feel that's all I can do for Guy now."
    On July 24, 2015 the jury made 16 recommendations to prevent another similar death. Those recommendations are non-binding. However within weeks of the inquest ending, the MCSS announced new policies to address some of the dangerous gaps and oversights that contributed to Guy's death.

    Paton says while she is still struggling to cope with her son's death, she takes comfort in the ministry's new policies and initiatives.

    "I think something good has come out of Guy's death."

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    This is such a sad situation for the three people living there, and for William, who could not get anybody to work with him and do something about these horrific conditions. Seems as if the "powers to be" were too busy to do their job, and as a result, somebody died needlessly. I hope this has been a wake up call to all agencies that are supposed to keep regular checks on places like this need to listen and take action when a complaint is made.

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