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    Actor Omar Sharif has died

    Omar Sharif, of "Doctor Zhivago," "Lawrence of Arabia," dies

    2 hours ago

    CAIRO (AP) In "Lawrence of Arabia," Omar Sharif is first seen in the distance, a speck in the swirling desert sand. As he draws closer, he emerges first as a black figure on a galloping camel, slowly transforming into a handsome, dark-eyed figure with a gap-tooth smile. It wasn't unlike the Egyptian-born actor's debut in Hollywood.

    Sharif was Egypt's biggest box-office star when David Lean cast him in 1962's "Lawrence of Arabia," but he was a virtual unknown elsewhere. He wasn't even the director's first choice to play Sherif Ali, the tribal leader with whom the enigmatic T.E. Lawrence teams up to help lead the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire...


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    Awwww. RIP

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    Quote Originally Posted by bettybaby00 View Post
    Awwww. RIP
    that's exactly what I thought. I just wish we could add inflection. What a smile he had. Sigh

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    I listened to an old radio interview with Omar Sharif earlier. He told the BBC how he was just about to leave Egypt for the US and Lala movie-land in the early 50s, met a friend in a cafe days before he left and the friend offered him a part in a movie.

    That led to the start of his acting career. Then Hollywood, finding itself short of Arab-appearance actors for a forthcoming movie, settled on his spotlight photo as a possible. He won the role, in Lawrence of Arabia. Because he had brown eyes and not green or blue.

    Hollywood makes me laugh sometimes. Forever running around looking for great actors that don't conform to a certain narrow appearance - but not realizing there's no shortage. They're just not around because Hollywood doesn't provide enough work. I think, anyway.

    It's not a link to the interview I heard, (not available) but is a comprehensive BBC obit.
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    He was a babe!! He really loved and respected his wife too....

    RIP Omar
    Just My Opinion

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    RIP Omar Sharif. I feel the need to curl up with some popcorn and watch Dr. Zhivago. Maybe Lawrence of Arabia and Funny Girl also. Such a handsome man!!!

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    Omar, a bridge game, at midnight in an oasis! RIP. Thanks for the entertainment!
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