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    CA - Theresa Bier, 16, Fresno, 1 June 1987

    The circumstances surrounding Theresa's disappearance are odd, to put it mildly. Skip Welch gave the most absurd reason to explain what happened to Theresa and ended up walking away a free man. Investigators could not find any physical evidence and since there was no crime scene, they didn't feel confident that they could convict him. It's been 28 years and there still has been no resolution to this case. Unfortunately, you will often find that the "Bigfoot" aspect has overshadowed the fact that a 16 year old is missing and the "weirdness" of the case is now more known than the person herself. I believe Welch is now deceased so we may never know what happened but I got to hope that Theresa and her family will receive justice one day.

    At the same time, I wish more information would be released. For example, how did Bier and Welch know each other? Were they dating or were they both interested in studying "Bigfoot"? Why did Bier go on a camping trip alone with a man who was more than two decades older than her? Did her parents know or did she tell them she was doing something else?

    Since this is still an unsolved case, I guess there *could be* other possibilities. Perhaps she went on this camping trip because she saw it as an opportunity to run away. Maybe she convinced Skip that she needed a new life so he covered for her by making up this scenario. According to this Charley Project Blog Post, the speed freak killers were/are considered suspects in this case so they may have been involved. Some of the comments are from Welch's family members.

    I list alternative reasons because I always try to keep an open mind. Although I will not entertain the idea that "Bigfoot" had anything to do with Theresa's disappearance.


    Doe Network

    Charley Project

    Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
    • Missing Since: June 1, 1987 from Fresno, California
    • Classification: Endangered Missing
    • Date Of Birth: April 16, 1971
    • Age: 16 years old
    • Height and Weight: 5'5, 110 pounds
    • Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Brown hair, hazel eyes. Theresa's upper front teeth protrude. She has a surgical scar on her lower right leg due to a childhood fracture. Her nickname is Sam.
    • Clothing/Jewelry Description: A white t-shirt, blue jeans and laced sandals.

    Details of Disappearance
    Theresa resided with her family in Fresno, California in 1987. She was last seen at 7:20 p.m. on June 1, 1987, while on a camping trip with Russell Welch in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Theresa and Welch, whose nickname is Skip, camped in the area of Shuteye Peak, approximately 25 miles northeast of Bass Lake. He was 43 years old at the time. They were reportedly searching for the legendary creature known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot. Welch considered himself a "student" of the legend. Theresa disappeared during the trip and has never been heard from again.

    Authorities questioned Welch when he returned to Fresno several days later. He initially claimed that Theresa ran away from him on June 1, then he changed his story. Welch eventually stated that Theresa had been forcibly taken by Bigfoot.

    Welch was charged with child stealing. In September 1987, only three days before he was supposed to go to trial, authorities dropped the charge. They had offered to recommend a one-year sentence if Welch signed a waiver allowing them to go forward with murder charges if Theresa's body were located, but Welch refused. The prosecution decided to drop the case to avoid double jeopardy if they wanted to charge him with murder later.

    Searches of the Shuteye Peak area produced no clues as to Theresa's whereabouts, but foul play is suspected in her case. It remains unsolved.

    In 1987 Abduction Case: Bigfoot Was Named Prime Suspect in Teen's Disappearance

    The Strange Case of Theresa Ann Bier

    Man claims Bigfoot abducted girl while camping

    Article about SFK, Theresa listed as a possible victim
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    NamUs error: Theresa's last seen alive is listed as June 1, 1986.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KateB View Post
    NamUs error: Theresa's last seen alive is listed as June 1, 1986.
    I saw that as well. Her information was entered in 2009 so I'm sure someone has pointed it out since then. I wish they would fix that.

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