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    Video star's performance really takes flight when he grabs the camera

    An unusual video star has stolen the show from the film's maker, and managed to produce a soaring blockbuster.

    German tourist Martin Lozano decided to place his running camera on a ledge to get a close-up of a seagull on a rocky island off Galicia, in Spain. Too late, he realized his feathered 'star' had ambitions to direct.

    The cheeky bird picked up the camera and took off, shooting a magnificent aerial movie along the way and snapping a perfect close-up selfie of himself at the end for luck. The video, complete with Martin and his girlfriend yelling at the bird to come back, is at the link:

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    that's awesome!

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    Love it!!

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    Seagulls are really too much! LOL And this little guy could teach the celebrities how to take a proper selfie.

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    Wow! I just love action flicks! Any plans for a seagull ... er, sequel?
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