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    NYC Ballet helps kids with cerebral palsy put down their braces and dance!

    New York mom Natalia and her little daughter Pearl love ballet, and the NYC Ballet does run workshops for children. But Pearl has cerebral palsy, which causes walking and movement difficulties, and mom was concerned about Pearl feeling uncomfortable and scrutinized amongst the able-bodied.

    She wrote to the NYC ballet in the faint hope they'd provide a private session for Pearl.

    The ballet did much better than that. They arranged a whole series of workshops (which are now a permanent feature) for children with cerebral palsy, and drafted in Columbia University specialist Dr Joseph Dutkowsky to help. When asked how to cope with the children's braces and walking aids he declared, 'This is dance, not therapy!' and said they should take them off.

    The children danced joyfully, unfettered and free, moving many of their parents to tears. The full story in pictures is at the link.

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