The Center for Investigative Reporting is working on using the NAMUS database to build an App for The Missing.

This app would make it easier to match up the missing with the unidentified.

If you have suggestions such as:

1) What you'd most like to see in an App for the Missing

2) Any limitations with the NAMUS database that could be improved?

3) What's your process for searching, and what tool could make your search easier?

Call the Namus App Suggestion Hotline at (510) 736-2687 aka (510)-73-NAMUS.

Since voicemails may be used in a radio broadcast, please leave your full name and spelling. However, if you do not want to be considered for a radio broadcast and only want to offer a suggestion you do not have to leave your name or number.
But the Center for Investigative Reporting really hopes you will leave your name so they can use your wonderful suggestions