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    TX - Teen's cobra death possibly suicide

    San Antonio Express-News:

    Teen's death by cobra a 'possible suicide,' Austin police say

    Austin police confirmed Friday they are investigating an 18-year-old man's death as a "possible suicide" after he was bitten and killed by a monocled cobra earlier this week.

    Grant Thompson was found unresponsive with puncture wounds on his wrist in his vehicle at a North Austin parking lot on Tuesday. The cobra was not at the scene, but officers found another snake, six tarantulas and a bullfrog in Thompson's vehicle.
    more at the link above

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    So strange.

    I wonder how they arrived at suicide as a possibility?

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    In my treehouse, empty nesting.
    How odd!
    A note? No 911 call? Location of bite?
    I was leaning towards accident, over confident teen with a deadly snake.
    I see no reason why anyone would want to own a King Cobra unless it was "defangged" <- - they can still spit in your eyes and blind you.
    Imo that's an awful way to die, but if he did make the snake bite him, maybe he had done some research and chose to "go" that way. I can't imagine what those 20-30min must have been like.
    Perhaps he didn't mean for the snake to get loose...
    Can you even imagine walking up on a King Cobra in a striking position??__ omg
    I am so glad someone ran over him, but they can still bite after death...
    Maybe he killed it after it bit him. I hope SO!

    Sad all around!
    ~ my opinion only

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    Thanks for posting this WF. I was reading about this earlier. So sad.....Grant was so loved by his family.

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    Did exotic animal-lover kill himself with a snakebite? Death of Texas teen who died from a cobra bite is now being investigated as a SUICIDE

    Austin police said they have collected evidence that has led them to investigate Grant Thompson's death as a possible suicide

    Thompson, 18, was found unresponsive with puncture wounds on his wrist inside his parked Kia Soul on Tuesday in a Lowe's parking lot

    On Friday, police said they found dead the missing cobra belonging to Thompson and believed to be connected to his death

    Thompson passed away late Tuesday at St. David's Round Rock Medical Center

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz3gKYLR0sf

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    I wonder how many times the ME has made that determination in his career?

    I also wonder who killed the cobra. It seems odd that he would kill it OR release it. I would have expected him to put it back in its box actually.

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    Yikes! I just can't even begin to understand this.

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