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    Gnawing hunger: was cannibalism key to 19th c. Arctic expedition survival?

    Mail on Sunday:

    Was American pioneer EATEN by his desperate colleagues? Family of Arctic
    explorer claim he was cannibalized during ill-fated scientific expedition

    ⁍ Private Charles B. Henry was just 16 when he joined the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition in 1881
    ⁍ The 25-men team launched America's first scientific exploration of northern Canada, but only seven survived
    ⁍ Henry was shot to death for repeatedly stealing food from starving camp low on supplies waiting for rescue
    ⁍ Dead men from the camp were allegedly discovered to have had the flesh stripped off their bodies
    ⁍ Henry's relatives want to have his remains exhumed so they can find out once and for all what happened
    the story at link above

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    Detailing the expedition and rescue attempts:

    Disaster at Lady Franklin Bay

    -- Naval History Magazine

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