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    IN - Jerry 'Mike' Bayles, 10, Indianapolis, 3 Oct 1970

    This website is dedicated to Jerry Michael Bayles:

    In the Memory of Jerry Michael Bayles 1959 - 1970

    Indiana State Police File

    On 10/03/1970 at approximately 5:00 a.m., Jerry Michael Bayles Jr. had been delivering the Indianapolis Star newspaper and was last observed on South Harris Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. Bayles Jr. was abducted and killed. His body was discovered at 8:55 a.m. on 10/03/1970 in a roadside ditch in rural western Henry County.
    Find A Grave

    On October 3rd, 1970, Jerry Michael Bayles, 10 year old was delivering his brothers Saturday morning papers, when he was kidnapped and murdered. His body was found three hours later off a rural road 40 miles from the location he was taken with multiple stab wounds. An escaped mental patient was arrested but the Grand Jury found insufficient evidence to convent him, he was sent back to a mental hospital. To this date Jerry Michael Bayles case is still unsolved and cold.

    New tip reopens 45-year-old cold case of murdered paperboy

    She shared a startling story with Will Ott and then with police.

    "She basically broke down in tears when she told me that her father was the murderer," Ott said. "The father had threatened her over the years, 'If you mess up, I'll do to you what I did to the newspaper boy'."

    "You know, it'd kind of been a dark, dark family secret and, you know, they didn't feel comfortable coming forward while he was still alive," Jarvis added. "According to them, he admitted to being involved with this crime and a couple other crimes also. We're kind of focused in that direction now. That's kind of the avenue we're taking with the investigation is trying to confirm what they told us."

    The witness's family members told Det. Sgt. Jarvis their father had a temper. That morning in 1970, they said he snapped.

    "Family says the witness had a cup of coffee and Mike had came from the bank to 12 South Harris and rode out in front of him. The witness slams the brakes, spilling his coffee. According to the daughter, her father was very short-tempered and basically abducted Mike at that point," Ott explained.

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    In Loving Memory of

    Jerry M. Bayles "Mike"

    Oct. 18, 1959 - Oct. 3, 1970

    Though you were taken from us 45 years this very day, you have never been forgotten, and never will be. Always in our hearts.

    Continue to Rest in Peace little Brother.

    Your sister, Carol; brother, John and Family

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    It is sad that as a young girl no authority figures helped this little girl. The details of what she experienced seem realistic.
    Link to news report

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