Before we get into the possibilites of what fabulous post will be chosen from the tens of thousands of members rushing to nominate their favorite post for post of the day let's go to that faraway land called yesterday. Yesterday's winner is....

Ayrshirelass all the way from Scotland. This is such a heartfelt post and it goes to show the world is here with us on Websleuths. Congratulations Ayrshirelass!!! What a happy post this is too. A young man ( Michael Goetze) who was missing is found alive and well. It doesn't get better than that

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I have followed Michael's story from the beginning way over here in Scotland - had his page here continuously up in my browser and refreshing every hour or but never had anything of value to contribute.

I'm SOOOOOOOO happy he has been found alive and well!

I'd say you've earned a bucket fu o alcohol mikeysdad! Slàinte mhath to you, your family and Michael - [That's one hellava father you have there!]


So there you have it. From the land of fairies. Wait is it Scotland that has the little fairies flying around? Or is that Ireland. Ireland has elves right? Don't these magical fairies get in your underwear drawer or am I thinking of an episode of Southpark.

I don't know. All I know is I could use a catscan of the brain and we have incredible members like
Ayrshirelass all the way from Scotland posting on Websleuths.

Ok my little true crime doves hop to it. Start nominating your favorite post of the day. Don't all do it at once now. We don't want anyone the forum to explode. heh.