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    Quote Originally Posted by cwroge View Post
    did you notice how clean and new his tools were. What if he planned to start his spree in WV and work his way back to OR. He seems too sloppy in everything he did.
    That is what I read in an article, that he was believed to be going on a killing spree, so maybe he never actually killed anybody before his fatal attack.

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    This story was shared several pages back:

    I have leaned toward NF being a SK until reading this article closely. The woman who killed him states that he said, "I'm going to prison for a long time, and it's your choice whether it's for rape or murder." I had never seen the second part of the sentence mentioned before. Some suggested NF may have known he would soon be discovered. But if he tells his victim it's up to her whether he will be arrested for rape or murder, that implies she is the first victim (or the first victim for which he expects to get caught). This is assuming the woman's account is accurate, and these are genuine words from NF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waltzingmatilda View Post
    Tillicum and Bessie, I posted links as FYI on the Daytona Beach, Eastbound Strangler (AKA AC4), and the LISK threads.

    This news makes me wonder about the two recently dismembered bodies found in Niagra Falls. Dude's last name is 'Falls' after all.
    And he worked on the Hoover Dam! Maybe he's linked to jobs around working on historical/Large monuments... or even just Dams in general!

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