New Hampshire Police Case File:

Carrie Moss, age 14, went missing on July 25, 1989 after she had gone to visit friends in Goffstown, NH. Carrie's skeletal remains were discovered in a wooded area of New Boston, NH, on July 18, 1991. A cause of death was never determined because of the decomposition; however, the case has been treated as a homicide.

Justice for Carrie Moss Blog

26 years later, the pain of not knowing the answers remains

It's been 26 years to the day since Carrie Moss was last seen alive.

It was July 1989, and Carrie was 14. With a black, one-piece bathing suit on underneath her stonewashed jeans, white T-shirt and white boots, Carrie hopped on her bike to meet friends in Goffstown to go swimming. It was the last time her family saw her alive.
In recent months, the family began working with the cold case unit of the New Hampshire Attorney General's office to find answers. Senior Assistant Attorney General Benjamin Agati said Carrie's case is unique in that all of the possible witnesses were very young, between the ages of 12 and 22.

"It's always interesting and challenging to interview anybody within that age group," Agati said. "Sometimes, you get answers where it seems like the witness just wasn't really focused .??. You have a group of witnesses (and) some were throwing out anything they could think of, and other ones, we think, were definitely holding back on information that they had."
"The thing that really sticks out is how few of Carrie's friends contacted the Moss family," Maxwell Randal said. She scanned and posted a handwritten list to the blog of more than 60 acquaintances of Carrie's who the family believes could have information.

"I think there probably are a number of people who know what happened to her," she said. "There hasn't really been a forum for that. My hope is that the blog becomes a place where people see Carrie as more than one description, like 'troubled runaway' . but they really see her and her family and her life, and get a better sense of who she was, and maybe will reach out to the family."