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    CA - Is Social Media Fueling South LA Gang Violence?

    Los Angeles police beefed up patrols in South LA after seven shootings left 11 people wounded and one dead between Saturday night and Sunday morning. Now it's led to a firestorm on social media, with the hashtag #100days100nights claiming a gang war has begun.

    Social media posts claim two gangs have claimed a battle to reach 100 kills before the other.

    The LAPD has allocated additional resources to South Bureau, including 77th Division, which was handling most of the violent calls over the weekend. But officials say it will stop short of throwing a dragnet over the community over online rumors.

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    Social media is what you put on a site and what you choose to read and follow. People are fueling South LA gang violence. Social media is just another tool for them to keep doing what they are already doing in the first place.
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