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    Australia - Daniel O'Keeffe, 27, Geelong, Vic, 15 July 2011

    Dan O'Keeffe disappeared from his parent's home in Geelong. His father had been chatting with Loren at 9.15 am in the kitchen, and then went to get prepared for work. Loren's mother came down to the kitchen at 9.35 am, but Loren had left the house, and has not been seen again. Loren had suffered from depression prior to his disappearance.


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    From 2012:
    Article: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/vic...1226437617108?
    I could only view this article once, then was blocked by a paywall.

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    From December 2012:


    He walked into the Ipswich medical centre, in clear view of the security camera and asked the receptionist for a glass of water. He said his name was James. He was from Melbourne but he'd been living rough in Brisbane and sleeping in parks...

    For Loren O'Keeffe, the day she saw footage of her brother walking into the Ipswich medical centre was the day she realised he could still be alive. "Dan had been pretty open with me about his struggles with depression," she said. "He was doing everything to overcome it - taking the right medication, going to all his appointments.

    "I really think he felt he was a burden on me and mum and dad and the best thing to do was just walk away."

    It was July 15, 2011 and Daniel, a Pan Pacific jiu-jitsu champion, was due to teach a class at the mixed martial arts academy he had recently started. His girlfriend had been waiting for him at the gym. Daniel never showed.
    FB missing page: https://www.facebook.com/dancomehome

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    Wow this is such a high-profile Australian case, I can't believe there isn't more info on here about Dan.

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    Daniel's remains have finally been found. RIP mate xxx

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    Rest in Peace, Daniel. Peace and prayers his family today.

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    News.com.au: Human remains found under the family home of missing Victoria man Daniel O’Keeffe

    The Herald Sun reported Daniel’s father Des O’Keeffe found the bones early this afternoon.

    The family believe the bones belong to Daniel, who was 24 when he went missing.

    A crime scene has now been set up at the property. Police have said the bones appear to be those of an adult but dna testing would be needed to officially confirm it was Mr O’Keeffe.

    ABC.net.au: Daniel O'Keeffe: Human remains found at Geelong property belonging to family of missing man

    Police could not say why the remains were not discovered when they first searched the family property.

    Detective Sergeant Adam Forehan said he could not shed much light on the reports [of prior suspected sightings].

    "There can be no definitive answer given, let's just say opinions differ," he said.

    Facebook: Missing Person - Daniel James O'Keeffe (posted less than 3 hours ago)

    It is with heavy hearts that the family and friends of Dan O’Keeffe, update this page to share that Dan’s remains were discovered earlier today.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    He was with them all along brings tears to my eyes. Rip dan x
    Rest in peace Erica Parsons.

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    Wow amazing

    RIP Daniel

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    I just cannot fathom how they could be feeling... That he was there underneath the house all of these years! My heart aches for them.
    L K out L K out, there are catterpillars about!

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    He disappeared from the family home in Highton, Victoria, on the morning of 15 July 2011.

    3 days later family launch campaign to find Dan.

    At some point around this time, police search house and find nothing

    On 30 November 2011, almost five months after he went missing, Dan walked into a medical centre in Queensland and asked for a glass of water. Two weeks later, having seen his family's interview on The Project, the receptionist realised she had spoken with Dan. He was going by his middle name (James) and was visibly very unwell. Family say CCTV confirmed this and the family spent 2 months searching SE Queensland.

    So... was it him on the cctv footage? Or not? And police didn't find him when they searched, but his bones were under the house... not buried, just under the house (as far as we know). Surely the family would notice if there were someone deceased under their house... so the question is was he dead befoee or after the Queensland supposed sighting...

    I know this is a terrible time for the family, but it's just so confusing.

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    What a tragic end to an epic search across Australia and the world. And he was under their house the whole time? How crazy : (

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    Devastating news for the family

    Surely the CCTV footage must have been someone else?
    I assume if the police are not treating it as suspicious, there would be an obvious reason for this.

    I would hope something comes from this so another family doesnt endure the heartache this family have

    “Life is short, but there is always time enough for courtesy.”
    ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Did you read that it's not suspicious? I read this but I'm sure there are other quotes around I haven't seen yet

    "We're treating it at the highest level at this stage until we satisfy ourselves that there is no suspicious activity," he said

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