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    LA - Rosalyn Rankins, & Megan Hall, 2, Prairieville, 29 April 1996

    A double homicide committed in 1996 is still unsolved. Rosalyn Rankins was driving home to Baton Rouge with Megan Hall, her two-year old goddaughter. Instead of reaching her intended destination, she ended up in the parking lot of Mount Gillion Baptist Church in Prairieville. Someone approached the car and shot both Rosalyn and Megan in the face. Megan had powder burns on her hands, indicating that she most likely tried to shield her face during the attack. Rosalyn was seven months pregnant at the time and miraculously, doctors were able to save her child. Rosalyn was still alive after she was shot but ended up dying a few hours after giving birth. Her child has now grown up and started her own family.

    Such tragic circumstances. They are depending on people to come forward with information. They believe it was someone Rosalyn knew because she had a gun herself that she did not reach for during the attack. I hope the families and investigators get the answers they need to solve this case.

    Cold Case: Investigators searching for leads in 1996 double murder

    Investigators recovered the gun believed to have been used in the double homicide. A child found it in a ditch. DNA testing was relatively new then and so far not much help in this case.

    Investigators are hoping someone will come forward which information or "even the smallest little thing" to help them solve this cold case.

    "I'd be less than honest if I didn't tell you that we hit a dead end on this thing a while back," Wiley said. "We have our angles and we have our hypothesis about who, what, when, where on this, but not enough that ever rose to the level of probable cause for an arrest."

    - I couldn't find Rosalyn's age so I left that part blank in the thread title.

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