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    MT - Jason, 50, & Tana Shane, 47, slain by stranded motorist, Pryor, 29 Jul 2015

    A family in Pryor, Montana that passed and then returned to help a stranded motorist Wednesday were shot for their car, police say. The parents, who haven't been named, died, while their daughter was wounded.

    The shooting happened after the parents spotted a car broken down on a road near the Crow Indian Reservation, went to their daughter's house and told her someone needed help. When the family returned, 18-year-old Jesus Deniz Mendoza pulled a gun on them, demanded cash and their car and then shot both the parents dead and wounded the daughter when they said they had none.

    FBI agents say Mendoza said he shot the family as he was 'tired of waiting around' and the daughter had laughed at him. He's due to appear in court today.

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    UUGGGHHHHHH......so heartbreaking.
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    Jesus Yeizon Deniz Mendoza, 18, told FBI agents he shot at the victims because he was "getting tired of waiting around and because the daughter laughed at him."

    When officers arrived on scene, they saw the bodies of 50-year-old Jason Shane, Jr., of Pryor and his wife, 47-year-old Tana Rock Above Shane, lying face down on the ground.

    Minutes before that, the surviving victim, their daughter, Jorah Shane, who is in her mid-20’s, told authorities that her mother came to the house and said she saw a man in need of help along the side of the road.

    As she ran away, documents state she felt blood running down her face and felt a bullet hit her back. The blood running down her face was the result of a bullet wound to her head.


    Much much more at link, in another article it mentioned he was going to shoot the cop that came to arrest him but that cop called for backup and didn't attempt the arrest alone.

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    This is such a sad and sickening crime. One of those stories that just hits you in the gut As with the murder of Kathryn Steinle this family would be alive had their killer - Mendoza - been deported to his native Mexico.

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    This makes me want to sell everything, go off the grid, and never deal with another human again.

    My heart breaks for the family. Horrendous, senseless, random... where do you go after this?

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    OMG, you can't even help anyone anymore! I am horrified.
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    US won't seek death in Crow Reservation double-killing
    Federal prosecutors will not seek the death penalty against a Wyoming teenager accused of killing a couple who authorities said stopped to help him on the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana, the U.S. Justice Department announced Friday.

    Attorney General Loretta Lynch decided against seeking capital punishment in the case of Jesus Deniz Mendoza after consulting with federal prosecutors in Montana, the agency said in a one-sentence statement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KayElJay View Post
    US won't seek death in Crow Reservation double-killing

    Why wouldn't the judge allow the prosecution to conduct a competency hearing to see if he is fit for trial? Okay, I think I figured it out. The judge will wait for the defense to bring it up thereby delaying justice.
    I understood every word you said. It was the order that you said them that has me confused.

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