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    Boone, North Carolina: Man Claims Yorkie Protected Him From 'Sasquatch'

    Trending on Facebook. Eric Walters says his dog Zippy protected him after he thought he saw a bear. "I quickly realized it was not a bear, but a Sasquatch," Walters told WBTV. Walters filmed the alleged encounter.

    Link includes the video. http://www.wbtv.com/story/29735031/v...nttype=generic

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    Well, I'm convinced.


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    Ummm....I think Zippy was hiding behind the trees.

    So, this guy releases his Yorkie's leash, to let the 4 lb. dog run in the direction of what appears to be a 300+ lb. beast? Oh, I guess he had to release Zippy so he could hold the camera still. We wouldn't want another blurry picture of sasquatch!
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