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    IN - Andre Green, 15, Fatally Shot After Evading Indianapolis LE

    Indianapolis police fatally shoot 15-year-old Andre Green


    At link above, Green reportedly drove toward officers and accelerated in a car that matched one that was carjacked earlier. He was holding a gun when he opened the door and collapsed. Initially, Green evaded a traffic stop and then hit a police cruiser trying to get away. He refused to obey officers' commands. There were passengers in the car who got out and ran away.

    So sad that a teenager has lost his life, but what is going on with all of these people (even kids!) acting crazy and baiting LE to shoot them???! In countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, suicide attacks on LE are classified as terrorism, right? Is the U.S. devolving into a terrorist nation?
    "Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk."
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    Why wouldn't they want to talk to the passengers?

    Multiple passengers got out of the vehicle and ran away without being apprehended, according to police.

    There is not currently an active search for the other passengers, police said.

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