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    CA - George Cook, 57, Novato, 8 August 2015

    George Cook

    Novato police have received a report about a man who went missing last weekend, a police captain said.

    George Cook, 57, of Novato, went missing on Saturday, Capt. Jamie Knox said.

    Cook was last known to be traveling in a 1993 blue Toyota 4Runner on state Highway 37 on Saturday afternoon, his business partner and common-law wife Lisa Lyons said.

    Cook was going to Vallejo to buy a bumper and withdrew $300 from the couple's joint bank account, and there has been no ATM activity since then, Lyons said.
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    More info (Also in the ABC link above)

    Cook’s last contact was a text at 4:33 p.m. Saturday and his cellphone since then has been off, Lyons said.

    “He is an honest hard-working guy who has no criminal record. He loves his family, our dog and his SF Giants and friends,” Lyons said in an email.

    Cook also is an avid photographer, she said.

    Nothing was missing from the home, no bags were packed and no friends, family or work associates have seen or heard from Cook, Lyons said.

    “This is not his character -- he has never in the eight years we have been together not come home. I and his family and loved ones are distraught. We need help finding George Cook,” Lyons said.
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    My daughter lives in Novato, off Hwy 37. The community there has lots of trouble with theft, with many of the perps being from Vallejo. They drive across 37 from Vallejo to Novato (it's a 2-lane road over a salt marsh for the first 10 miles), then get off at the first exit in Marin County. Marin County is a very wealthy county, but there are a lot of middle class people too.

    Anyway, I probably shouldn't paint all of Vallejo with a broad brush - there are many nice areas there too - but my first thought is that it's some sort of craigslist scam where the guy goes to buy something and is robbed of his cash and vehicle.

    If that's the case, LE ought to be able to trace texts, emails, phone calls to the people who were selling the bumper.

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    Another thought... the part of hwy 37 that goes over the marsh ... people used to drive off the road and into the marsh pretty regularly. I haven't heard of that happening in years though - mostly it was before there was a center divider - people would swerve off the road to avoid people who were passing. The water's really low right now too. I can think of only one place, possibly two, that would have enough water to hide a car. Also, there's usually quite a bit of traffic there because it's only one lane in each direction, so if it were light out, it's very likely someone would have seen him go off the road.

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    There have been no updates. It is unlikely in this particular area that George went off road... areas are shallow. Meaning that if he did, he would have been discovered. He did drive into Vallejo? supposedly. I would imagine that, the craigslist postings have been checked out, assuming it was craigslist. Not many areas you could drive off of where you wouldn't be seen, especially during the day. Used to drive it myself daily. Foul play with the person who placed ad? Maybe he chose to leave on his own. All in all, most of the drive between Novato and Vallejo (where it turns to 1 lane each way) has those very rough ridges in place to warn drivers they are over the yellow line, and added a median. It was redone several years ago because it was notoriously called suicide highway. Sadly, no news.

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    Via some looking around, I read on the Facebook page of a friend of the SO of George, that George was found deceased on the morning of 8/12, and they were told that evening. I have been unable to locate any MSM information, nor an obit, as George's SO appears to be very private. If it had been controversial or a crime, I think that would have been talked about in MSM, so my 'guess' is he had an auto accident.

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    or self inflected ...MSM doesn't talk about that either. thx for update

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