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    Man dresses as bear to harrass mom and bear cubs

    A man in Alaska has been arrested after he dressed in a 'fairly realistic' bear costume and joined a crowd at the Chilkoot river near Haines who had gathered to watch the salmon run, Monday.

    That's when bears get to have a big feast and people are kept at a safe distance. This clever fellow decided it was a good idea to jump up and down right by some bear cubs and generally harrass them though, and is probably lucky rangers got to him before momma bear did. The video at the link shows officials taking numbchuckers? (nasty sticks) from his pockets, but after that, the articles get confused.

    He appeared to have been arrested, but the articles say police are still searching for him, so I'm not sure exactly what happened. The video at the link makes me think he may have been under the influence of something. Not sure why he was allowed to just drive away.


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    I kind of wished mama bear had a chance to get a swipe or two in there, just to dissuade this fool from future harassment attempts.
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    That is really smart. Playing with fire.

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