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    State Your Case

    So, who was the West Mesa killer? Tell us who think it was and why. List anything, including sites, stories, etc., you need to support your theory. If you have more than one person or persons of interest (like two separate killers or one killer and a separate group of killers), please make separate entries. This is not a thread for questions; it is a comment thread only.

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    OT: love your screen name:


    and your effort to identify the West Mesa killer.

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    While I have no idea who I think the murderer would be as far as a name, I do think the West Mesa murders are connected to the Jennings murders, and possibly the Chillicothe murders. Groups of drug addicts/prostitutes with close ties disappearing in a relatively small area and time period. The girls in both West Mesa and Jennings were reportedly afraid for their lives/knew they were targets before their deaths. There are heavy rumors of LE connections to the murders in both cases. In both cases locals in the drug scene seemed to know the girls were dead before bodies were found. West Mesa 2003-2005, Jennings 2005-2009. Reading about the cases, the details are eerily coincidental.

    Could it be an officer who transferred from one PD to another? A traveling drug dealer or informant? Someone who is part of multi state sex trafficking, so has intimate knowledge of that "underground" world?

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    Wow what a question! I guess that is why we are all here. My theory tends to change from time to time but the one theory that sticks in my mind the most, for reasons I don't really want to discuss in a public forum, is the LE theory. There has been way too much mentioned that I have come across about a "crooked cop" or a "corrupt cop" and the mentioning of one by "name" and the victim reportedly being TERRIFIED of this person. Also, the phone calls made to victims' families that mentioned a cop involvement. I cant ignore those things, at least not at this time. I guess if I would have to pick a theory based on what Ive read so far...that would be mine.

    RIP McStays

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    I have liked to believe it's Montoya, but a couple of things keeping popping up to push away from him:

    ***1) the dump site would probably be the closest ever(assuming the long island case isn't tied to one of the local oak beach residents) to the residence of a serial killer(other than directly on/adjacent to the actual property itself)--farther has always proved to be better for sks while they are on the run--(although that is such a convenient spot for Montoya, and maybe he never thought to dump awayyy from home)---although there is always a first for everything, it doesn't seem to fit, and something tells me he would have slipped up and left something on one of them tying him, such as the type of ligature made for the girl he was killed after killing---does anyone know how long Montoya lived at that location?-if he moved there later, maybe it was to be closer to the site that he and Reynolds might have started together

    2) the statement made by the female detective about it looking like a single-dump episode---odd statement--would that mean they were some place else then moved? that would be a lot of work/trips for him w/o being noticed once time by anyone in either area--maybe they got moved after Reynolds was getting looked at?

    3) the tag being found is intriguing--especially since many are trying to potentially tie it to Blea

    4) the LE angle that has rumors by some other girls out there

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    I too, go back and forth on whom I believe the killer is. I want to believe it was Montoya but a couple of things stand out:
    1. According to old newspaper articles Montoya's trailer was went over with a fine tooth comb an nothing was found. Nothing
    2. He picked up Shericka Hill on backpage that's a different m.o. than picking up the girls walking on central. Shericka was African American which is different, Syllania was African American, but still...Shericka was tiny too.

    Blea seems to prey on younger girls.

    Fred Reynolds seems to be to obvious of a suspect. There aren't many pimps in Albuquerque, especially during that time frame, so if he was the killer I think he would've been caught before so many girls became victims. His apartment also was processed as a crime scene and no evidence was ever found. Supposedly he was a recovering addict and was friends with a lot of the girls so he could help them. He had been sober for a really long time, supposedly.
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    In 2015, a man by the name of Joseph Blea was convicted of raping an 8th grader 26 years earlier. He was sentenced to 36 years in prison in June 2015. It took that long for the girls rape kit to be done. The murders were done between 2001-2005. There hasn't been another one of those murders. I mean if Blea was able to rape an 8th grader; he's capable of doing this. Plus he wasn't in prison when those murders were committed. Plus two of his other victims were just 15 years old. He also has a long history of sexually assaulting women.

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    Out of all the unsolved serial murder cases I've looked into, this is the one that I am the most confident I know who the perp is. I am convinced that Joseph Blea is the West Mesa killer. Let's look at some facts here:

    -Blea is a violent serial rapist who had exhibited predatory behavior since at least the 1980s.

    -He may have started killing as early as 1985. DNA recovered from the clothing of Jennifer Shirm, a prostitute who was found dumped on a curb, was matched to Blea in 2009.

    -Six years before the disappearances began, a woman walking along Central Ave identified Blea as the individual who called her over to his vehicle and proceeded to expose himself. Police later found rope and electrical tape in the passenger seat of his vehicle.

    -Police did surveillance on Blea, and observed him stalking prostitutes for four consecutive days. They watched as he "slowed and circled the block in areas where prostitutes were working. He did not approach any prostitutes but appeared to be closely watching them."

    -APD detectives talked to at least 20 prostitutes who recognized Blea, one which reported that he once brought her to his house and attempted to tie her up, though she didn't let him.

    -His wife reported finding women's underwear and jewelry in the house that did not belong to her or their daughter, and that the daughter once reportedly found a stash of women's underwear hidden in the shed. As of February 2016, police would not comment on whether any of these items could be linked to any of the victims on the grounds of them being part of an "ongoing criminal investigation".

    -Some of the victims families noticed that jewelry was missing.

    -Blea's former cellmate was interviewed and stated that Blea appeared to have an interest in the West Mesa case, and that while he never admitted to being directly involved, he said that he knew and had paid for sex with some of the victims. He also reportedly referred to the victims as "trashy" when discussing the case, and even admitted to hitting one, claiming that she tried to steal his money.

    -His wife has said that Blea would often express his apparent hatred for prostitutes, calling them sluts and whores.

    -Both of his former wives also stated that Blea would frequently leave the house late at night to dump landscaping debris out on the West Mesa and would sometimes later return with women's clothing and jewelry.

    -The burial site was close to the area where Blea disposed of his landscaping debris.

    -A piece of landscaping debris; a tree tag for a Spearmint Juniper, was found buried 8 feet below the surface in the grave of one of the victims. I strongly suspect that this tag got stuck to the victim's body while in Blea's vehicle.

    -The tag was linked to a specific wholesale nursery in Vacaville, CA that sold to retail landscaping businesses in Albuquerque, one of which identified Blea as a regular customer.

    The fact that a piece of landscaping debris was found in the grave of one of the victims, and that Blea was a landscaper with a history of sexual violence, predatory behavior, and frequenting of prostitutes, and who was known to dump his landscaping debris near the burial site is just way too much to be a coincidence. I have a feeling that police are fairly confident that Blea is their man, but don't have quite enough to charge at this point. In any case, he's going to die in prison for being a serial rapist anyway.
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