In September of 1987, 29 year-old Andrew Pitts was fatally shot after departing from the Barrel of Dolls strip club in Rochester. Some patrons from the club called 911 and they said they saw him inside the club minutes earlier. There were no witnesses to the homicide. Investigators interviewed those that were in the club that night but nothing really substantiated from that. Andrew was a semi-regular to the the club, going a couple of times a month but he was described as a loner so people didn't really know him. The lead detective on the case theorizes that the perpetrator was another patron or possibly an employee from the club. There's a good chance that individual confided in someone on what transpired and he's hoping that enough time has passed for them to come forward with information. His mother is still alive and is hoping she can one day find her son's killer.

"Cold Case: Who killed Andrew Pitts?"

Andrew Pitts walked everywhere he went.

"He loved to walk, he didn't like to ride, he didn't care for cars, didn't want nothin' to do with them," his mother, Inez Williams, recalled last week.

He was walking to his Baycliff Drive home the night of Sept. 17, 1987, when someone shot him in the head, left him dead in the road, and set in motion decades of unknowing for a mother who remembers getting the news of her son's death as if it were yesterday.

"I just can't imagine, one minute you're here and the next minute you're gone and nobody knows," said Williams, 76. "Nobody knew nothing. Nobody seen nothing. Nobody heard nothing."

Carr agrees that Pitts had no criminal history that would provide a reason for the killing.

"He worked, he had one close friend," Carr said. "He wasn't involved in any criminal activity or anything of that nature that would lead you to think he would be targeted. He didn't have any enemies that anybody knew of.

"Essentially, it was a whodunit?"

Carr says no clear leads or suspects emerged from the investigation.

Robbery has not been entirely ruled out as a motive, but it appears nothing was taken from Pitts.