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    4 miles of blooms for Wisconsin's Sunflower Lady

    When farmer Don Jaquish lost his beloved wife Babbette to cancer last November, he decided to honor her memory by planting over four miles of the sunflowers she adored in fields along either side of a highway in Wisconsin, Illinois.

    Now there's a stretch of the beautiful yellow blooms taking in around 400 acres in all, and Don and daughter Jenny White have set up a company, Babbette's Seeds of Hope, to sell the seeds as wildlife food. Part of the profits each year will go towards furthering research into multiple myeloma, which caused his wife's death.

    "She got to be known as the sunflower lady of the community... She realized the importance of research in clinical trials. She went from being expected live two weeks to two months to nine years, said Don.
    Babbette took part in an amazing 22 clinical trials during the nine years of her illness and spoke frequently of the need for further research.


    Seeds of Hope website with Babbette's story:

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    This has warmed my heart. True love.

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    What a great story! Started my crazy hectic work day off with a smile. Thanks
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    That's a lot of sunflowers. If I lived nearby, I'd definitely visit. Part 3 of a 3-part video.


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