NamUs UP Case 10253

Unidentified White/hispanic Female
* Found 16 January 2012 in
area commonly used by undocumented immigrants illegally entering the United States from Mexico, attempting to circumvent United States Border Patrol check point on Highway 111. Decedent remains were found by USBP Agents working in the area.

* Estimated Year of Death: 2011 to

Vital Statistics
* Estimated age: 20-30 years old
* Approximate Height: 58' estimated
* Distinguishing Characteristics: Unknown.
* Dentals: Available
* Clothing/Jewelry:
Weathered clothing found near remains included terry cloth type sweater with five (possibly white) stripes running around waist line and bottom of sleeves, red plaid button up shirt with red glass buttons, and pants with vine paterned button. Colors difficult to distinguish due to weathering..

* DNA:
Tests complete
- Insufficient DNA for profiling.

Case History
Body of white hispanic female were found in the city of Niland.