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    Bear family pool party (video)

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    Awwww so cute!!! I loved how the baby bears were playing with the pool toys

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    Luv this.......so cute!

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    Five is a big litter for black bears.


    How many cubs can black bears have? The record is six in Pennsylvania. Most litters are two or three. Two is most common in western North America. Three is most common in Minnesota and eastward in North America where food tends to be more abundant than in the west.

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    I had seen that on facebook - loved it so much! I thought the Mom was really cool and handled the situation well. She knew that was a special enough moment that she kept the camera running instead of trying to scare them away to save the pool. I know one thing - I would be terrified to be out in the pool again after that - I would keep thinking they were coming back for another dip!

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