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Four women allege their former assistant basketball coach at Alderson Broaddus University captured nude photographs of them by planting a camera in their dormís restroom and then distributed the photos to male students.

The women, who all lived in Kincaid Hall, where former assistant coach Collins Murphy was the resident director, say they found the camera last year after one of them was forwarded a nude photograph of herself. ...

While under investigation by the Philippi Police Department last year, Murphy confessed to placing the camera and taking the photographs, according to the lawsuits. He hasnít been charged, according to the magistrate court and circuit court clerks in Barbour County.

The women are suing on claims of invasion of privacy, among other things. In addition to other damages, they ask they be awarded for the costs it took to have the photos taken down from all websites and Internet forums.
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This is my alma mater, sorry to say. I tried contacting them to ask for details of what they were doing to protect their students in the light of these revelations, but they ignored my e-mail, deleted my comments on Facebook and blocked me on Twitter.