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    FL - Belleview, WhtMale UP6055, 35-45, new dentures, butch cut hair, Jan'78

    The Doe Network: Hot Case 1996

    No Image Available

    Unidentified White Male

    • The victim was discovered on January 29, 1978 in Belleview, Marion County, Florida.
    • Estimated Date of Death: 1977-1978.
    • State of Remains: Not recognizable - Decomposing/putrefaction.
    • Cause of Death: Unknown.

    Vital Statistics

    • Estimated age: 35-45 years old.
    • Approximate Height and Weight: Height estimated at 76" or 6'4" and weight estimated at 180 lbs.
    • Distinguishing Characteristics: Sandy brown hair, butch cut. Eye color is unknown.
    • Clothing: Blue, black, white and yellow striped shirt; navy blue pants, a black belt and tennis shoes.
    • Dentals: New dentures, removable.
    • DNA: Not available. Body has been buried.
    • Fingerprints: Not available.

    Case History
    Hunters found the burned body of the victim by a tree near SR 328 and Highway 441.

    NamUs UP # 6055
    ME/C Case Number: WA-19-78
    Marion County, Florida
    35 to 45 year old White Male

    Location Found
    Address 1: near SR 328 and Hwy 441
    City: Belleview
    State: Florida
    County: Marion
    Circumstances: Found by hunters near a tree. The lower extremities and hands had been burned by fire. A rope was found suspended from a limb of the tree.

    Fingerprints & DNA are not available. Dental information / charting is available and entered.

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    Carl Alfred Eder's fugitive profile is sickening:


    That said, this UID's discovery date and location, physical description, and other case details caught my eye as potentially being a fit.

    According to Carl Eder's NamUs profile, his mother lived in Florida so he has ties there. Per the Napa Valley Register article, authorities would not be surprised if he was murdered by one of the extremist groups he associated with. The UID was found in Belleview, Florida by a tree with a rope suspended from it. The UID's lower extremities and hands were burned by fire.

    The UID is estimated to be a 35-45 year old white male with sandy brown hair estimated to be around 6'4" and 180 lbs. with a probable year of death of 1977 to 1978.

    Carl Eder would have been in that age range after his escape in 1974 and last sighting in 1976, had light brown or dark blonde hair at the time of his escape, is estimated to be 6'1" to 6'3", with a weight of 165 to 195 lbs.

    Per NamUs, fingerprints are available for Carl Eder, but dentals are available for the UID.

    It all seems like a stretch, but Carl Eder was profiled on America's Most Wanted multiple times between 1991 and 2012 and still no leads. Perhaps Agent Webb is correct in the Napa Valley Register interview when he says Carl Eder was most likely murdered by his associates after his escape?

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    I went ahead and emailed the El Cajon Police Department to see if there's a basis for comparison between this UID and Carl Eder. I heard back the next business day that they will look into it and if anything significant is found, they'll let me know.

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    The rope hanging from a branch seems to suggest he was hung, but hanging AND setting someone on fire seems to be a bit of overkill. How strange.

    The Carl Eder comparison should be easy enough, since the UID had dentures.

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    Another escaped prisoner who matches the vital statistics closely is Tommy Lee Douglas (6'4" tall, 190 lbs, brown hair (doesn't really look "sandy" on the photos but it is hard to tell)) who escaped from the Rapides Parish Detention Center on March 13, 1977.


    So far, I haven't been able to find if Mr. Douglas had dentures. I was able to locate an article in the Monroe News Star from March 15, 1977 that disclosed that Tommy Lee Douglas was being held on aggravated burglary charges and had escaped from the detention center with two other men.
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