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    SC - Infant found dead in an apartment complex dumpster, Greenwood

    Here is a link to a Greenwood Today article. An infant was discovered in a dumpster in Greenwood, SC. They are trying to determine whether the baby was alive or deceased when placed in the dumpster. Horrible, sad news...


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    Oh that poor angel! RIP sweetheart

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    Awful, awful, awful.

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    I hope the ME can identify if the child was born alive or not. Sometimes it is harder than they think it will be. RIP. How many couples are there just in this state praying for a baby to adopt?!
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    An updated article in Greenwood Today said "the matter remains under investigation pending results of pathological testing. Cox [the coroner] said the results could take from six to 12 weeks to come back."

    I hope the investigators are able to find out who is responsible. This is such a sad story.

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    August 28th 2015:

    Greenwood County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested the mother of an infant found dead in a dumpster on Wednesday.

    In a prepared statement, sheriff’s office officials stated that Kia Deon Singletary, 24, of Greenwood, has been charged with desecration of human remains.

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    Judge Ryan Johnson set a personal recognizance bond of $25,000, on the condition that Singletary stays with her mother, Robin Singletary.

    "I just feel blessed that it wasn't a homicide," Robin Singletary said...

    Robin Singletary said her daughter had been taking abortion pills that she bought off the Internet.

    "I wish she would have talked to me first, I would have taken her to Greenville hospital to have a legal abortion," she said.

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