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    SD - Joshua Jacobsen, 39, The Badlands, 12 July 2015

    Joshua Jacobsen

    JOSHUA JACOBSEN (right) with his brother, Johnathan Jacobsen (left) and his nephew, Domanick Fuller (center), were photographed at a restaurant in Lincoln. Joshua went missing in the South Dakota Badlands in July, about two months after this photo was taken.

    Family, friends stay strong after Laurel man goes missing in Badlands
    "Christine Jacobsen-Bucy always called her son, Joshua Jacobsen, her gypsy.

    He never seemed to stay in one place too long — always looking for the next opportunity.

    That's why he recently moved here after living in Lincoln for almost 10 years.

    There was an opening for a chef's job at a new restaurant, The Claremont Steak & Chop House/Knuckleheadz Bar. It was perfect for Jacobsen, who had just completed a culinary arts degree at Southeast Community College.

    That was just about a month before he went missing in the South Dakota Badlands.

    Jacobsen, 39, was declared a missing person on July 16 after entering the national park on July 12 for what has been reported to be a “vision quest.”

    The alleged purpose for the trip surprised Jacobsen-Bucy.

    "I talked to Josh in length on his birthday—which was July 2, he turned 39," she said. "He didn’t say a word to me about a vision quest.""

    My kids are a window to my past, a mirror of today, a door to tomorrow, and a keeper of this proud old dad's heart forever.

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    OMG! He went into the forest on a vision quest without his seizure medication and has not returned. Why do people take such chances with themselves?

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    This reminds me of a youngish girl (I think in the PNW) who went in the forest or a national park there - naked - and never was found. I think it was also some sort of 'quest' a few years ago, and she's not been found (or last time I looked at her thread)

    And another, similar, who I think was in Texas, and had been working in restaurants and sort of living in the backs of them, and also was thought to be doing a quest of sorts (I think she was vegan and doing some sort of experiment or something to write a book?) and also went missing. I think she was known to need medication, like this guy, and I believe may have been found alive awhile later, seeming to have just disappeared off the grid or something.

    Hope this turns out better than the first one I'm thinking of and more like the latter.

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    Found both! Who knew missing naked hikers and missing vegan chefs were so easy to at least locate on Mr. Google!

    The first one, Maureen 'Anu' Kelly (19) did tell people she was going on a quest (telling her family not to worry, etc - shortly after a court date) with only a fanny pack, otherwise sans clothing/real supplies:


    Search operations will be suspended as of 8:00 PM this evening until the end of the week for a missing 19 year old Vancouver, WA woman. Maureen Kelly, 19, of Vancouver Washington was last seen Sunday afternoon about 5:00 PM in the Canyon Creek area of western Skamania County. Kelly had left the Canyon Creek Campground just after 5:00 PM on Sunday afternoon to go on a “spiritual quest” on foot and was reported just after midnight early Monday morning as overdue. She was reported to be naked and had little as far as supplies and equipment with her.
    And here was her WS thread: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...al-quest/page6

    The other, Victoria Moon Erickson definitely also had a WS thread, but I can't find it.

    Here's an article on her though http://www.khou.com/story/news/2014/07/22/11951046/

    Anyway, I hope he's just gone 'off the grid' like Vickie Moon did, and he doesn't end up MIA forever like Maureen seems to have.

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    A body found in Badlands NP


    A body was found Wednesday in Badlands National Park.

    According to park officials, four backpackers notified rangers Tuesday evening that they had found a backpack and other personal items in the Sage Creek Wilderness area.
    No word yet on whether the body found Wednesday is that of Joshua Jacobsen.

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    Looks like the family is pretty sure it's Josh. The girlfriend says she wishes drones would have been allowed to search in National Parks. Wonder why they're not?

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    Another article. Still not confirmed but it is most likely him.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BlkMtnGirl View Post
    Looks like the family is pretty sure it's Josh. The girlfriend says she wishes drones would have been allowed to search in National Parks. Wonder why they're not?
    This link has been updated.
    Body in South Dakota Park Identified as Missing Nebraska Man
    Posted: Fri 11:08 AM, Sep 18, 2015
    A body found in Badlands National Park in southwestern South Dakota has been identified as a Nebraska man missing since July.

    According to a news release from the park, a coroner identified the victim Thursday as 39-year-old Joshua Jacobsen of Laurel. The cause of Jacobsen's death has not been determined and remains under investigation.
    RIP Joshua.

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