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    Passengers (including a Katrian evacuee) subdue man on Flight

    Several passengers, including a Hurricane Katrina evacuee, grabbed a violent man aboard a Frontier Airlines flight Tuesday and subdued him, authorities said.

    When the plane landed, police found the plane smeared with blood from front to back and Jason Tervort, 26, duct-taped and lying face down in the center aisle.

    "They worked him over pretty good," said Denver Police Detective Virginia Lopez. "The passengers did what they had to do."

    Flight 147, which had left Houston Tuesday evening, was carrying a number of Hurricane Katrina evacuees, said Monique Kelso, an FBI spokeswoman.

    Matthew Meador, 27, a construction worker from Lakewood who was on the plane, said Tervort was acting strangely from almost the moment the plane took off.

    According to an FBI arrest affidavit, Tervort got out of his seat shortly after takeoff and began walking "very aggressively" toward the front of the plane. Tervort is accused of pushing and slapping a flight attendant, who called for help.


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    Hi cass

    Yet another use for duct tape!

    These passengers will want to watch this Sunday on Discovery Channel: The Flight That Fought Back


    With a compassionate commitment to painting the most accurate picture of what happened aboard Flight 93, we were given unprecedented access to recordings that have never before been aired on television. This film is one of the first ever created that is dedicated specifically to retelling the story of Flight 93's fallen heroes, presenting a rare opportunity to share such unrevealed details regarding the last moments of the fateful flight. In order to present the most accurate depiction possible, we conducted in-depth research, exhausted all resources, and uncovered rarely heard eyewitness accounts. Also, for the first time, we learn more about Ziad Jarrah, one of Flight 93's hijackers, by interviewing those who trained him to fight and fly.

    Corpus Christi, Texas

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