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    Try Reveal's new tool to search missing/unidentified databases!

    Greetings, Web Sleuths! Byard Duncan here, community manager at Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting.

    I wanted to let you know that we've created a new web tool that we think will help the public (and you folks specifically) more easily find matches between the federal "missing" and "unidentified" databases. We're calling it "The Lost & The Found."

    Here's the link for the tool: http://ow.ly/RHrzf

    And we've written up an explanation of how to use it: http://ow.ly/RHrHV

    We'd love to get your feedback. If you have questions, or an idea about how to improve it, we're all ears. Drop me a note here on the forum, or write me at bduncan@cironline.org. I'll be listening closely here and reporting back immediately to our data visualization team with any and all feedback from the Web Sleuths.

    Thanks so much for taking a look.

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    for the Sunday crowd. I hope to be able to study it before the long weekend is over.

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    I may have missed it but it would be nice to be able to compare a POI in one state to those unidentified in all other states. The way I understand it as it now stands is that comparisons can only be made within an arbitrary distance within the state boundary of the last known sighting of the missing subject.

    Great tool! The potential of this program is groundbreaking in identifying UIDs.

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    Great tool. I would suggest adding the city and county to the initial window where you select the case you want to review.

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