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    MISSING FOR 50 YEARS: Grandmother Vanished

    In 1967, my grandmother, a single mother, disappeared leaving behind my father, my aunt and my uncle. My father and uncle were sent to a boy's home while my aunt lived with my grandmother's brother. My father has not seen her since and no one has ever told him anything.

    His one wish is to know what happened to his mother. I've tried looking for information from little I have: her name, her date of birth and where she was born and other names she's used.

    I'm coming up empty. The bizarre thing is that no one in his family filed a missing person's report. His family is very tightlipped and won't talk to me. I'm curious if anyone has suggestions on the kinds of documentation or information that would be best to gather to help in my search. And resources or even private investigators that are experts at this sort of search.

    Unfortunately, we're talking nearly 50 years with nothing.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.

    I also hope most of all I'm putting this in the right place.

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    Are you comfortable sharing her name & the family's previous addresses?

    Have you tried popular genealogy sites?

    You've aksed your questions in a great place!

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    Where was she living at the time? Can you provide her name,. the name of her husband, and the other names she has used (and an explanation for the use of "other names")? Do you think her husband knew where she went and chose not to tell the kids?
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    My posts are strictly MY opinion under circumstances when many points of view need to be considered. I apologize in advance to anyone whose potential involvement is contemplated in error, or who may be offended because I do not see eye to eye with them on all matters related to this case. I hope our differences can be set aside as we unite in the search for this victim or the perpetrator of this crime. Your opinions and insights are just as valuable as mine.

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