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    Probably the strangest car crash you'll ever see

    A woman in San Bernardino, California, had a nasty accident last week. She wasn't hurt but saying she had a lucky escape wouldn't be appropriate as she wasn't in the car at the time.

    22-year-old Jasmine Lacey simply slammed her brakes on in the middle of a busy road and then jumped out of her car, leaving it to career into the opposite lane, hitting and SUV and trees before coming to a stop.

    Although Lacey was arrested on suspicion of DUI, strangely she was released without charge due to 'insufficient evidence to support a criminal complaint'. Best to watch the video at the link to see how strange it seems she escaped any charges.

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    I have to agree is seems strange that she escaped any charges, the video shows the damage she caused other motorists.

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    Very strange she didn't get any charges. Are they waiting for some toxicology tests or something? Was she under the influence of something other than alcohol which they could have tested with a breathalyzer? How about just negligence for letting a car loose on the roadway? Why did she slam on the brakes and get out? How is that not a crime unless maybe someone just popped up from your backseat with a knife or something?

    Reading this update now. The car was stolen and she didn't have a license in addition to being under the influence. I am glad it looks like they are doing something now but how they could not file charges in the first place is truly mystifying.


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    Wow! She just simply hopped out and started strolling like she wasn't even associated with the car.

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    That's circulating on face book, with the caption that a spider is in her car.
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