Barbara Davis was murdered in early February of 1980; she had been beaten to death. Investigators note that she was not sexually assaulted. The alley where she was found may have just been the site used to leave her body and the actual murder could have occurred elsewhere. No persons of interest have ever been named and it's unclear what additional evidence was recovered from the scene. Her family has been waiting for a long time to receive justice.

Information taken from the Milwaukee Police Department cold case file:

On February 2, 1980, Barbara Davis was found in the alley at the rear of 1314 S. 19 Street. She had been beaten to death. She was last seen the night before she was discovered, leaving Sardino’s Nightclub at 1617 N. Farwell Avenue, at 10 pm.

After 3 decades, family still seeks answers in unsolved murder of 17-year-old - February 20, 2013

Police believe she was killed somewhere else, because her head injuries were so severe, if she had been killed in the alley there would have been much more blood present - though a spot of blood was found about 100 feet south of the scene.

Investigators searched for a late-model red or maroon and gray Pontiac that had been seen earlier near the scene with its trunk open. They also questioned a 19-year-old man. But Barbara's killer or killers have never been found.
Though 33 years of grief seems like an almost unbearable burden to carry, it's hard for Laticia Pace to believe the weight of 33-years of guilt carried by her sister's killer is much lighter.

"How can a person live through life knowing they did something so horrible?" she asked.

"How can they sleep?"