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    T CR TONIGHT THURSDAY 9/10 New Apps for Missing/Chilling Stalking/ Cold Cases


    On tonight's (Thursday) True Crime Radio at 9 PM Eastern we explore all kinds of areas including matching the missing with the unidentified, self-defense, and cold cases.

    Our first guest is Mike Corey from the Center for Investigative Reporting. He has created a new web tool that we think will help the public more easily find matches between the federal “missing” and “unidentified” databases. It's called “The Lost & The Found.”

    Here’s the link for the tool: http://ow.ly/RHrzf

    Plus an explanation of how to use it: http://ow.ly/RHrHV

    Next you will get the chills hearing about how Candace Camille was stalked for years. Here is an interview she did with CBS. We will go in-depth with Candace and how
    she can offer you advice on how to stay safe.

    Finally, Websleuths Administrator Bessie comes on to discuss the latest cold case in our series called “The Next Step”.

    Remember click on the “Listen Now” tab at the top of the page about 9:04 PM Eastern this Thursday.

    Chat opens at 8:30 PM www.truecrimeradio.com/chat
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    Hi Tricia,

    I'll definitely be tuning in tonite. In regards to cold cases, I just finished the new book about now confirmed serial killer Alex J. Mengel and his involvement in the Antonella Mattina abduction/murder. Mengel is also a suspect in a cold case in Michigan. Here's the link to the website, if you're interested. http://www.unearthingaserialkiller.com/

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