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    WI - Michael Fisher, 14, Superior, 19 June 1966

    The only background information I could access about this case is from the book linked below. There's probably more articles about Michael but I can't view them.

    101 Wisconsin Unsolved Mysteries by Marv Balousek

    #63 - Who killed Michael Fisher?

    On the morning of June 19 1966, Michael Fisher prepared his wagon and set off to begin his paper route. He only delivered one paper though. Later that morning, his sister found the wagon with the undelivered papers and finished the deliveries herself. She was unsure on what had happened to him. Michael's body was found about twelve hours later; in a ditch that was two miles away from home. Michael's head was wrapped in a red sweatshirt and he was lying on his back, fully clothed. There were no signs that he was sexually molested nor any indications that a struggle had ensued. The cause of death was determined to be a crushing blow to the head and he was most likely dead before being left in the ditch.

    Investigators ruled out a hit and run accident. There was no evidence found on the street that would indicate such a scenario had occurred. The wire-cutters used by Michael was the one item missing and it has never been located. A neighbor called in a tip saying that he had seen two men take Michael and drive off in a 1959 Chevrolet Biscayne. A description of the car and of one of the men was provided and detectives followed up on many leads based on this description. Despite a committed investigation, the killer(s) was never found and the murder remains unsolved.

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    Bumping, it's been over 50 years since Michael was murdered.

    A book was recently published that was inspired by this case.


    “The Michael Fisher homicide had a profound and lasting effect on the town of Superior; even today, 50 years later, people still talk about it, and like most of them, I still wonder what happened, who was responsible for Michael’s death,” Liebaert said. “I did not write this story with the intent to bring up painful reminders for any of Michael’s family or friends. If anything, it was my way of reconciling the questions that such a tragic and seemingly motiveless crime leaves on a small town like Superior.”
    The Superior native started her novel 15 years ago, but shelved it due to time constraints. Realizing the 50th anniversary of Michael Fisher’s death was coming up, she dusted the manuscript off last August and completely reworked it to commemorate the case.

    “It’s 99.9 percent sure that that case is never going to be solved,” Liebaert said, and a barrage of questions remain unanswered. A former police officer once told her, “When you’re left with a void of information, people will automatically fill in details.”

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