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    MI - Dennis Rodeman, 35, firefighter, murdered, Lansing, 9 Sept 2015

    According to Lansing Police Chief Mike Yankowski the 22-year-old driver of the pick-up truck, whose name has not been released yet, will face charges of open murder and felony fleeing and eluding in connection with the death of Lansing firefighter Dennis Rodeman.

    "The suspect came by, was upset for whatever reason (and) circled back around" before running into the firefighter, Kraus said.

    The chief added that Rodeman was married two months ago and was expecting his first child.

    Idiot who couldn't control his rage, so he plows over a man collecting for a charity. Then, like a coward -- drives away and also attempts to flee on foot.
    Hope they give him the stiffest penalty available !
    To circle around, and then hit Rodeman shows premeditation.


    The 22-year-old driver, who has not been named as of Thursday morning, was arrested after leading police on a chase in his pickup truck.

    Cannot find any more information regarding the suspect.
    My thoughts are that he may have been driving w/o a license and they need to verify his id so the wrong person isn't named ??

    My condolences to Rodeman's loved ones and especially his wife who is expecting their first child !!!

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    The 22-year-old driver, who has not been named as of Thursday morning, was arrested after leading police on a chase in his pickup truck.

    Sorry, tried to edit the first post and couldn't.
    My thoughts are that the suspect was driving w/o a license and they are still verifying who it is ?

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    Taylor is charged with open murder, failing to stop at the scene of an accident when at fault causing death and two counts of fleeing and eluding (third degree).

    Apologies for the links. Not sure how to fix them.

    Never heard of the charge of "open murder" , I'm assuming this is a lesser charge than first or second degree ? Maybe more like manslaughter ?
    If so , that's too bad-- as I think this murder was extremely vicious.

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    Why is it always the good,selfless people that are taken? All because someone was offended in some way.

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    Twice since 2013, Taylor’s mother, Karen Taylor, petitioned Ingham County Probate Court to involuntarily hospitalize her son for mental health reasons, according to court records.

    The first petition was filed in January 2013 after Taylor was found outside in 30 degree weather with no shirt and after he “threw his cell phone because he was trying to get rid of the past,” according to court records.

    The second petition was filed in July 2014 after Taylor became withdrawn, hadn’t slept in several days, said someone was trying to kill him and would stare at the ceiling for several minutes, according to court records.

    Four psychiatrists evaluated Taylor and diagnosed him with psychosis and bipolar disorder, among other mental illnesses, according to court records.

    More at link...
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    From last month:


    Lansing firefighter Bruce Wheeler jumped out of the way of a speeding pickup truck, looking into the eyes of the driver, just before it struck and killed his friend and fellow firefighter Dennis Rodeman.

    It was that close encounter, which Wheeler described in testimony Thursday, that led prosecutors to add another charge against 23-year-old Grant Taylor — assault with intent to murder.

    Wheeler was one of four witnesses who testified Thursday during a preliminary hearing in 54A District Court. The hearing ended with Judge Hugh Clarke Jr. ruling there was enough evidence for Taylor to stand trial.

    The forensic examiner who evaluated the Lansing man charged with murder in the death of a Lansing firefighter found that he was mentally ill, but could conform his behavior to meet the requirements of the law at the time of the crash, according to a motion filed last week.

    In the motion, 23-year-old Grant Taylor's court-appointed attorney, Stacia Buchanan, asked the court to approve funds for an independent psychiatric evaluation, which could cost $2,000. Buchanan also filed a motion notifying prosecutors of her intent to use the insanity defense at a trial.

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    Man found incompetent to stand trial in firefighter's death - June


    The trial of a Lansing man accused of striking and killing a firefighter last year is delayed indefinitely, after a judge ruled Wednesday that he is incompetent to stand trial.

    Grant Taylor, 23, is facing murder and other charges in the death of 35-year-old Dennis Rodeman, who was killed in September while he and other firefighters were collecting donations for charity near the intersection of Cedar Street and Jolly Road.

    Police later said Taylor became angered at the traffic backup from the fundraiser and intentionally struck Rodeman before fleeing the scene in his truck, according to court records. He was arrested a short time later near his home after a pursuit with police.

    The state has 15 months to bring Taylor back to competency for trial, Dewane said, before it would have to dismiss the charges. If that happens, Dewane said prosecutors could then petition to have Taylor involuntarily admitted to a state psychiatric hospital.
    Memorial unveiled on one year anniversary of fallen firefighter's death

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